5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Mood


Of everything in the world, my greatest pet peeve seems to be waking up in a bad mood. Which is, of course, extremely inconvenient, because when it does happen, I’m not only grumpy, but irritated. All this to say: I’ve had to figure some strategies for how to get rid of a bad mood.

While much of life is beyond your control, your mindset and attitude are not. These are practical tools you can easily implement to help change any crappy morning into a great rest of your day. Don’t assume you’re gonna be miserable today — it’s totally within your control to turn this around! 

ways to get rid of a bad mood

5 Easy Ways to Get Rid of a Bad Mood

Restart Your Day

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This is, in my opinion, the most effective way to shake a bad attitude. Get in the shower, rage at the water for a few minutes, and when you get out, just restart your day. If you can, take the time to actually get ready for the day in a way that makes you feel confident. Put on a go-to outfit, throw on some makeup, feel good about yourself. Decide to start over! 

If you can, try to create a morning routine that always allows you to take a few extra minutes to prepare for the day. I like to start my mornings by drinking coffee & reading my Bible. Not only does it give me a chance to slow down before the craziness of the day, but it’s a really great way to ground yourself for anything you’ll run into. Resetting your mind and remembering your priorities will serve you so, so well. Gratitude journalling is another great way to start your day — you can check out my post on how to start here.

Go for a Run

Exercise is always a great option! Not only does it release endorphins which are guaranteed to boost your mood, but when your body gets moving, your brain is less likely to overthink things. I know that’s not an issue for everyone, but I tend to spiral when I’m in a bad mood (my brain goes, hey, if I’m feeling this way for no reason — let’s make one up!), so getting moving and staying busy is a huuuuge help.

Make Plans

Along the same lines of thinking is this next idea — make plans. Get out of the house. See who’s around, free, and down to hang, and go do something! See a movie, go shopping, have the girls over for a wine and paint night, whatever. Boredom doesn’t help, and too much alone time can be unhelpful, especially if your mental health is struggling. Getting rid of a bad mood sometimes just means getting rid of too much empty space.

Call Someone Who Loves You

Call someone who loves you. Vent, groan, cry, do whatever you gotta do. Get it out, and let someone else speak into your grumpiness a little bit, particularly someone who can and will call you out if need be.

If you’re really struggling, let them know. Sometimes things just get to be a lot, and it’s overwhelming, and that’s totally fine. But you weren’t meant to do life alone.

Take a Mental Health Break

You might just actually need to take a day off. So do it. Take a mental health break. Relax. Spend a day, evening, or afternoon watching a cheesy movie, reading, taking a bath, or however you decompress. SELF CARE GF. Set boundaries for yourself about what you can handle, and be okay with it.

If none of these work for you, don’t give up. Sometimes bad moods are just your brain trying to process hard things, and that’s okay. Having a healthy mindset doesn’t mean being happy 24/7. Ride it out, remember who you are & whose you are, and know that your emotions are okay. Getting rid of a bad mood is an admirable goal, but pushing through a tough season is also something to be proud of.

You’re strong, incredible, and you’ve totally got this.

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