The *Best* Non-Toxic Cleaning Products on a Budget


When I started my clean living journey, non-toxic cleaning products on a budget were the first thing I looked for. 

In hopes of finding a guide on where to start, I headed to Pinterest and typed in "clean product swaps." I was quickly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of informations, options, opinions, and cost of some of the products that came up. 

It seemed like everyone was an expert in clean living and the best tools to do so - but they still had different answers to my questions.

I'll be honest with you: I'm not an expert in clean, non-toxic living. 

But I am extremely passionate about it. And I've spent hours learning, reading, and researching which products are safest for my family (and yours!) but won't  break the bank. Because if you've been in the clean living/holistic wellness space for any amount of time, you know that it's not immune to price gouging or insanely expensive options. 

Investing in quality products sometimes means spending more money than you're used to. But thankfully, when it comes to cleaning products, there are incredibly affordable options that are actually some of the best on the market.

In today's blog post, I'm sharing with you the best non-toxic cleaning products on a budget. This guide isn't all-inclusive. I wanted to create a list that would include musts for everyone and serve as a non-overwhelming starting list. Honestly, I don't plan to switch from these ever - so even if you're not on a budget, I can't recommend them enough. 


**This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to shop through the links (the best way to support my blog!), I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions stated are my own and this post is unsponsored**

Before we jump into the actual product list, I want to go through a quick crash course in how to find non-toxic products. 

Reading labels is something I'm still learning how to do (there's a LOT of information to know). There are a few key things to look for when going through what you have or shopping that will help you identify if something is safe or not.

Something no one tells you...

One of the most jarring things I learned early on in this process is how little regulation there is for most of what we buy. Cleaning products, skincare, makeup... Many of these items are promoted with misleading marketing that can easily trick you into thinking you're making safe choices while actually filling your home with endocrine disruptors and toxic chemicals.

What to watch out for: 

For years, I thought I was making healthy choices by looking for the word "natural," or "made with natural ingredients." I tried to buy products that were eco-friendly, or at least advertised that way. 

There is virtually no regulation around the use of the word "natural." And a product being "made with natural ingredients" simply means that somewhere in the mixture, at least one naturally-occurring substance was added. That doesn't equal any kind of majority. Also, not all naturally-occurring substances are safe or healthy.

Non-toxic cleaning products aren't always advertised as such. Finding ones to trust can feel overwhelming. Especially if you're just starting out, I highly recommend searching for resources like this one to save yourself time.

A great shortcut is the EWG guide to healthy cleaning. Here, the EWG has ranked most popular cleaners on the market according to their toxicity. You can search by name or category to find exactly what you have or need.

It was this website, and recommendations from friends that led me to my all-time favourite cleaning brand. 

The *Best* Non-Toxic Cleaning Products I've Ever Used:

This post contains affiliate links, meaning that if you choose to shop through them, I receive a small commission at no extra cost to you. There is never any pressure to purchase, however, your purchases enable me to provide more free content and wellness tips. Thank you for supporting my blog!

Non-Toxic Kitchen Cleaning Products:

I've come to the conclusion that a lot of adulthood is just cleaning your kitchen over and over again. So what better place to start? These non-toxic cleaning products on a budget are my kitchen essentials - both for their ingredients and cleaning power.

Dish soap
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When I started bringing clean product swaps into my home, dish soap was a priority to replace for me. It touches everything we eat and from on a daily basis, and I couldn't imagine a better place to start. All three of these soaps are safe for you, your family, and won't break the bank.

The Antibacterial Dawn gets points for being the easiest - where can't you find Dawn products? But Attitude gets the top spot for investment/long term practicality. The brand has a range of soaps available in individual bottles as well as bulk packaging, and less refills means better-for-you is also better-for-the-planet.

I have to admit, my personal favourite is Make Nice Company. I purchased this product a few months ago at a farmer's market, and I'm obsessed. It's a solid brick of dish soap which sits on my counter in a vented tray. I love using a bamboo scrub brush to wash dishes, and this is the perfect product for that tool.

Attitude also has dishwasher tablets, although I have yet to try them!

  • All purpose cleaner
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    I go through all-purpose cleaner like nobody's business. It really is all purpose, and I spill a lot. So finding a good one was veeeery key for me. 

    Without a doubt, the most highly recommended (and EWG verified) non-toxic cleaner I've found is Attitude. I truly can't sing this brand's praises enough. Their All-Purpose cleaner is less than $5, lasts forever, and works like a dream. Not only that, but they're a Canadian company (woo), and they offer bulk refills. Are you as obsessed as I am yet?! I'm hoping to become an affiliate for them soon, so stay tuned for a discount code.

    I personally LOVE the Lavender scent, although they offer an Unscented one if that's more your thing.

    bathroom Cleaning Products:

    Secret confession: I love cleaning the bathroom. Is that weird? I just find that it gets gross the fastest, and it's so satisfying to clean. My primary concern with finding bathroom cleaning products was actually getting cleaners that could do the job.

    "Natural" products have a well-deserved reputation of being less effective. We've all heard or lived the natural deodorant horror stories. For years, it was true that mainstream natural cleaning products just didn't cut it. But this is no longer true. These non-toxic bathroom cleaners have replaced my old Lysol toilet cleaner (which scored an F on the EWG's A-F scale), Windex, and more.

    toilet cleaner

    When it comes to toilet cleaner, I'm sticking to baking soda + vinegar (which work for just about anything on this list, btw). Sprinkle baking soda around the bowl and let sit for a few minutes, longer if you've got tough stains. Add a few sprays of vinegar to the bowl, scrub with a toilet brush, and voila!

    mirror/window cleaner

    I think I'll always be wondering how skincare commercials do it. I splash water everywhere whenever I wash my face, and my mirror proves it. For years, I relied on Windex to carry me through. But while the brand has some higher-scoring products, the old classic blue bottle isn't highly recommended for personal use.

    Non-Toxic household Cleaning Products:

    This list of non-toxic cleaning products on a budget could be a mile long. It's not, don't worry. This is the last section of this post, and includes laundry favourites, and hand soap. I wanted to share the cleaning products I started with rather than crowd you with everything you could possibly buy. 

    The truth is that wellness, clean living, and health really is a lifelong journey, not a destination. Cheesy, I know, but also true. The needs we have in cleaning products will change, and so will the stores and brands we have access to.

    One day, I'd like to be making a lot of my own cleaning products - so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, I value my time more than the few dollars I spend on these products.

    laundry detergent
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    Giving up the cheap, brightly colored and scented laundry detergent was harder than I thought it would be - but so worth it to know that our clothes are being washed safely with clean, non-toxic ingredients. These non-toxic laundry detergents work perfectly, and this one is crazy affordable too. 

    Several of Attitude's laundry detergents are scented (although they have unscented options) but it's natural and light enough that I really don't mind. TruEarth is another great brand, but it's a bit pricier - although the laundry strips are very convenient! 

    hand soap

    When it comes to clean living, I am a firm believer in starting with the products that have the most direct contact with your body (not an expert, but I'm just assuming this makes sense?)

    Hand soap was a top priority for me, and I absolutely love Attitude's seasonal line. These soaps last quite a while, smell delightful, and they also look beautiful on your countertop which I LOVE. 

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    best non toxic cleaning products, safe cleaning products, affordable non toxic cleaning products, non-toxic cleaning products canada
    best non toxic cleaning products, safe cleaning products, affordable non toxic cleaning products, non-toxic cleaning products canada

    I hope these non-toxic cleaning products on a budget were helpful! For more non-toxic living and intentional lifestyle, make sure to follow me on Instagram and check out my YouTube channel!

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