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There's an audio that's been floating around on TikTok and Instagram reels that goes "so, fun fact about me is.. I have never been relaxed, ever." The first time I heard it, I LAUGHED out loud because that was me for a really long time.

Self care and relaxation are not easy things for me to prioritize. I have a very difficult time letting go of my to do list, and being self-employed as a blogger and writer, it never really ends. 

Which brings me to this last year. A pattern of working in overdrive, hardly living, and never coming up for air started to get to me a little. Well, it started to get to me a lot. I had to figure out better ways to set boundaries over my time and wellbeing, and I needed to develop a better pattern of self care fast.

Building "GYST" days, or self care days, into my routine has been one of the greatest things I've ever done. This habit has allowed me to stay on top of things like cleaning, cooking, and staying sane, all while creating time and space to actually relax and feel human again. 

Whatever stage of life you are in, a self care day can be extremely beneficial. If you're feeling tired, worn down, or just looking to bring some life back into your week, use this GYST day checklist to restore your mind, heart, and soul a little.

The Ultimate GYST Day Routine | Self Care Day List

What's a gyst day?

GYST, pronounced "jist" stands for "Get Your S*** Together." I don't know where the term originated, but it essentially means a day to regroup, rest, and restore your home, life, and heart. 

I don't personally stick to a strict schedule with this, but I know a lot of people like to do this on Friday or Saturday, as a way of recovering from the week and preparing for whatever is ahead.

Keep in mind that a GYST day isn't always synonymous with a self care day. It can be, but it's not all about relaxing. A huge part of it is just about getting stuff done that slipped away during the week, and it's a really good feeling.

the ultimate

gyst day checklist

The ultimate GYST day is one that is productive, restorative, and leaves your feeling prepared for whatever comes next. All of these ideas are things that I LOVE, and I know feel really accomplishing for me to get done. I'm so excited to share this GYST day list with you, and hope all of these ideas inspire you to start your own GYST day routine.

Sleep in

Get some good rest! As much as a good GYST day routine shouldn't feel hard, it'll take some energy, so make sure your body is well rested and you give yourself a bit of a break. 

make a fun hot drink

This is one of my favourite parts of a good GYST day. Making a fun hot drink or breakfast to start out the day just creates that feeling of fun. It always makes it feel like a bit of a vacation, and I love starting out my GYST days and self care days with that vibe. 

comfy clothes

Comfy clothes are a MUST. Throw on your favourite athleisure picks (you can find mine here) and get going.

clean your space

I LOVE LOVE LOVE spending a GYST day cleaning. I know cleaning isn't necessarily everyone's idea of a good time, but finishing at the end and looking at a clean, organized space is just hard to beat.

healthy atmosphere

Atmosphere is everything, so make sure to throw on some good tunes, a podcast you love, or a current audiobook fav. (I'm listening to Atomic Habits by James Clear right now and it is CHANGING MY LIFE.)

move your body

I'm gonna guess that you're probably already aware that moving your body is really, really good for you - but it also just feels great. You don't have to run a marathon or anything, but even just a 20 minute walk can make a big difference.

knock out anything weighing you down

If there's any major tasks you weren't able to get done last week, today's the day. Get em done, cross em off, and be finished with it.

read for a while
do something that rests your mind
take a hot shower
plan your week

Another great way to set yourself up for what's coming -- take 10-30 minutes and sit down for a solid brain dump. Write down everything that you have to do this week, schedule it in, and let it go. 

I don't know about anyone else, but this is such a good way to relax for me. When I haven't written something down, it's just floating around in my brain, and I'm constantly stressing about when I'm going to have a chance to get it done, what if I forget, etc... but when it's written down, I can let it go and make sure it gets done.

Download FREE GYST To-Do List:

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To help you have your most productive, fun, and relaxing GYST day, I created this super fun GYST day checklist! It's totally free, comes in a PDF and you can just print out and use at home 🙂 

I also made a regular "to-do list" in the same format which you'll get access to!

To download the checklist, click here.

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