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If you want to change your life in 2024, these 100 goal ideas for the new year are here to help.

There’s a lot of hype (and psychology) around goal-setting for the new year, but despite the jokes and half-hearted New Years resolutions, transition periods (like a new year) are the best times to set and achieve successful goals.

I’m a big yearly goal setter, and all throughout the year I think about ways I want to challenge myself or grow in the following one – but every December, like clockwork, it’s like all those good ideas disappear from my brain and I can’t remember where to start.

So this year, it finally occurred to me: the goal ideas list. 

This is a list of 100 goal ideas for the new year on how to change your life in 2024. (To be clear, I don’t suggest setting 100 goals for 2024, I definitely won’t be doing that.) This list of yearly goal ideas covers 10 areas of your life to set goals in with ideas for each! Take what resonates with you, leave the rest – and let’s make this a year to remember!

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I created a FREE printable Goal CalendarGoal Tracker that you can use to stay on top of all of your 2024 goals! It’s undated so you can just print off a new one for every month or laminate & dry erase!!

100 Goal Ideas for 2024 | Yearly Goal Setting Ideas


1. Read [X] books this year.

2. Learn a new language.

3. Take up a new hobby or skill.

4. Improve public speaking skills.

5. Practice daily journaling.

6. Develop better time management habits.

7. Enhance emotional intelligence.

8. Attend personal development seminars or workshops.

9. Try meditation or mindfulness regularly.

10. Work on boosting self-confidence.


11. Achieve a target weight or body composition.

12. Run a marathon or complete a challenging physical event.

13. Eat more plant-based meals.

14. Learn to cook healthier meals at home.

15. Drink more water and reduce sugary drinks.

16. Take up yoga or Pilates.

17. Get regular check-ups and screenings.

18. Improve sleep quality and duration.

19. Reduce stress through relaxation techniques.

20. Quit smoking or reduce alcohol consumption.


21. Earn a specific professional certification.

22. Get a promotion or advance to the next career level.

23. Start a side business or freelancing gig.

24. Expand your professional network.

25. Improve your leadership skills.

26. Attend a certain number of networking events.

27. Complete a major project at work.

28. Enhance your digital marketing skills.

29. Develop a personal brand.

30. Achieve a specific income goal.


31. Create a budget and stick to it.

32. Pay off a specific debt (e.g., student loans, credit card).

33. Build an emergency fund.

34. Start investing in stocks or real estate.

35. Save for a dream vacation.

36. Increase your retirement savings contributions.

37. Start a passive income stream (e.g., rental property, dividends).

38. Track and reduce unnecessary expenses.

39. Achieve a specific net worth milestone.

40. Write a will and establish an estate plan.


41. Strengthen your relationship with a partner or spouse.

42. Make new friends or expand your social circle.

43. Reconnect with old friends or family members.

44. Join a social or community group.

45. Plan a memorable family vacation or reunion.

46. Improve communication within your relationships.

47. Attend relationship counseling or therapy.

48. Volunteer for a cause you’re passionate about.

49. Organize regular social gatherings or events.

50. Mend a broken relationship or friendship.


51. Visit [X] new countries or cities.

52. Go on a solo trip.

53. Take a road trip to explore your own region.

54. Experience a new culture or cuisine.

55. Travel to a destination on your bucket list.

56. Try an adrenaline-pumping adventure activity.

57. Plan a spontaneous weekend getaway.

58. Take a digital detox vacation.

59. Travel sustainably and reduce your carbon footprint.

60. Document your travel experiences through a blog or journal.


61. Complete a creative project (e.g., write a book, paint a picture).

62. Take up photography and capture memorable moments.

63. Learn to play a musical instrument.

64. Join a local sports team or club.

65. Start a blog or YouTube channel.

66. Experiment with a new cooking or baking technique.

67. Create a beautiful garden or outdoor space.

68. Develop DIY home improvement skills.

69. Explore the world of digital art or graphic design.

70. Attend art classes or workshops.


71. Volunteer a certain number of hours each month.

72. Donate to a charity or cause regularly.

73. Start a charitable initiative or fundraiser.

74. Mentor someone in need of guidance.

75. Join a nonprofit organization or board.

76. Participate in community clean-up or service projects.

77. Sponsor a child’s education or support a family in need.

78. Advocate for a social or environmental cause.

79. Organize a charity event or charity run.

80. Spread kindness through random acts of generosity.


81. Take a course or enroll in further education.

82. Attend workshops or seminars in your field.

83. Master a new software or technology.

84. Stay updated on industry trends and news.

85. Get a mentor or coach in your area of interest.

86. Publish a research paper or article.

87. Pursue a higher academic degree.

88. Become an expert in a specific subject.

89. Develop a teaching or training program.

90. Share your knowledge through public speaking engagements.


91. Reduce personal waste and adopt a zero-waste lifestyle.

92. Start composting at home.

93. Plant a certain number of trees or native plants.

94. Support sustainable and ethical brands.

95. Reduce water and energy consumption.

96. Advocate for environmental policies and awareness.

97. Organize or participate in a community cleanup.

98. Reduce plastic usage in daily life.

99. Educate yourself and others about climate change.

100. Support wildlife conservation efforts.

For more goal ideas for 2024, here’s the YouTube video I made with all of the goals I set last year & how I reset for a new year! You’ll also find more resources on intentional living, goal setting, habit building and more!

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