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Fall bucket list for 2021

Wooohooo! It is Fall again and I am FREAKING STOKED to bring you the ultimate Fall Bucket List for this year. I don't know about you, but I am so, so ready to get cozy, comfy, and relax. When I think Fall, I think curling up with a good book, blanket + a hot drink -- which is basically also what I think when I think heaven.

But it's not all quiet moments and movie nights -- plenty of that in here, don't get me wrong, but I'm also happy to tell you that this bucket list is FILLED with fun activities to get you out of the house and having the time of your life. I'm BIG on living enthusiastically and purposefully, and part of that means just making sure you have FUN in the everyday.

This fall bucket list is complete all the can't-miss activities for the coziest time of year. With fun options for date nights, girl hangs, or solo evenings by the fire, the Ultimate Fall Bucket List 2021 is your new BFF. I’ve even got you covered for outfit inspiration - check out my Fall Fashion Essentials post here!

And as an ADDED BONUS, I have a free printable for this bucket list! Just click this link here to download the free PDF file and check off this bucket list, or download the blank version and create your own!!

Happy Fall!

The Ultimate Fall Bucket List 2021

1. go to a pumpkin patch with friends

2. go apple picking

3. drink a pumpkin spice latte

4. decorate for fall

5. get together with your friends for halloween

6. Drink apple cider

7. watch the nightmare before christmas

8. Watch a scary movie

9. do a corn maze

10. visit a haunted house

11. Go for a hike

12. Bake pumpkin bread

13. make an apple pie

14. Go on a hay ride

15. Go to a drive-in movie theatre 

16. Roast pumpkin seeds

17. have a bonfire

18. Watch a football game

19. Make pumpkin spice pancakes

20. thrift a cozy sweater

21. start a gratitude journal

22. Get Halloween-themed pyjamas

23. Go to a farmer’s market

24. Light a fall-scented candle

25. jump in a pile of leaves

26. take cute pictures with friends

27. Go on a bike ride

28. Slow down

29. make the iconic pillsbury halloween cookies

30. Make s’mores

31. downsize your wardrobe

32. Dress up for Halloween

33. build a scarecrow

34. Carve a pumpkin

35. make time for self care

36. Spend time with family

37. visit a different local coffee shop every week

38. Read a book

39. Tell ghost stories

40. Have a Girls night

41. Do something anonymously to help someone else

42. Try a new coffee order

43. Take polaroid pictures

44. Try bullet journalling

45. Go to a bookstore & have the employees suggest a book for you

46. sit by the fireplace

47. take a social media break

48. send a handwritten letter to someone

49. buy fresh flowers

50. be as cozy as possible at all times

I am SO excited to bring you not only this Fall Bucket List blog post, but a totally free printable checklist that works PERFECTLY with it. It's a free PDF download template that you can use to follow my bucket list OR create your own!

I don't know about you, but I find that if I don't plan it, I don't do it... which is why I l LOVE making a goal sheet, bucket list, or template for what I KNOW I want to make sure I do.

I'm SO stoked to share this with you -- make sure to check out our other printables too, you can find them all riiiight here!

Drop your email below for a free Fall Bucket List template, and make sure to follow along on Instagram @outofthehabit.co so you can see me attempt to cross all of these off of my list!

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