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WOW am I stoked to finally release this to you today! I have been working on developing a free printable goal planner / habit tracker for a while now. After a lot of time, deliberation, and testing, I am thrilled to introduce you to The Goal Tracker. 

This gamechanging system is available in two parts, which can be used individually or together. First, let me show you the revolutionary printable with the EASIEST and best way to plan out your goals. 

Check out more printables here 

Why You need to set goals

Up to 95% of how you spend your time is habit. The human brain thrives on routine. Efficiency is highly important to it, and rightfully so. The more practices that turn into habits = the more energy you have for other things.

What that means, though, is that unless you're actively trying to grow or improve, you won't. You'll stay stagnant, exactly as you are. I don't know about you, but my instincts and natural habits aren't the ones I want to live the rest of my life with. Productivity, discipline, and healthy living don't come naturally to me. The best and most effective way to make sure that we are growing, improving, and becoming better is to set goals.

Realistic & successful goals, when properly tracked (I gotchu) are the fast route to the life of your dreams. Whatever you're working towards, the goal setting process will look the same -- which is how I know this system will work for you.

Ready to dive in? This is a great place to start. 

1. the goal tracker

You can use the goal tracker in a few different ways, but I love being able to pick my goals & then break them down and plan out action steps for how I'll accomplish them.

So far, I've been using this for my monthly goals and absolutely LOVING it. This is my step one in the process. 

2. the goal calendar

Part 2 of The Goal Tracker system is this little baby, and let me tell ya, I'M OBSESSED. My first thought when I got the printed copy was "this is gonna save my life". Having a SEPARATE calendar, that I can use in with my Goal Tracker + planner, just for my goals is such a simple but lifechanging fix.

I'm a very big fan of hard copy items -- and I love being able to cross off to do lists, so a month-at-a-time view of my goals is exactly what I've been looking for. 

The Goal Calendar has been my best friend. It's currently pinned on the bulletin board in my office, and I honestly just think it's really cute too haha. 

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I am really just so excited for these printables to be out and hoping that they are so helpful for you. If you download + use, make sure to let me know your thoughts over on Instagram or leave a comment! 

Thanks for being here -- I'm so glad you are!

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