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Looking for cute, affordable, and cheap apartment decor? (Same - kind of my life mission.) I have got you COVERED today with this post. I moved into my own place almost a year ago, and since then, Amazon apartment decor finds have been saving my butt as I have been on the hunt for ways to make it my own without destroying my savings. 

Amazon is an absolute jackpot. I'm in Canada (don't worry, I have US links for you too!), so places like Target and Homegoods are off limits to me. Not to mention, I'm veeery picky and I won't buy anything that's crappy quality or I don't actually love.

All that means: cheap decor is harder to find, but not impossible - and I've gathered my current Amazon wishlist to show you today! These pieces are so cute, and perfect for a bright, white, minimal/rustic-modern kind of feel!

Top Amazon Home Decor Finds Under $50

1. Essentials

The essentials are the fun must-haves: the cheap, easy, speak-for-themselves pieces that take a normal space and make it beautiful. They're simple, but they can change the entire feel of a corner, shelf, or room. You all know how passionate I am about intentional living -- and part of that means intentionally creating beautiful areas.

Your home should be a place that feels welcoming, safe, and inviting. These essentials range from $9-30, and have the potential to drastically improve your space. Stunning and cheap apartment decor is out there y'all!! You just gotta do a little digging (or let me do it for you).

These beads are SO cute, and they're such a nice finishing touch to any little decor area! The best part? They are UNDER $10. YUP.

This marble cheese plate is such an easy way to class up your place. I wouldn't use this for cheese personally , but I love the style & I think it's super cute.

Candlesticks are such a beautiful way to bring a classic and elegant touch to a modern space, and the matte black draws your eye immediately!

2. cozy must-haves

Full disclosure -- this is my favourite category. I rent a furnished place, so I don't have a lot of control over everything in my apartment. I LOVE a cozy & bright aesthetic, but the furniture pieces in my apartment do not haha. Without finding a new place to live, or buying all new furniture, I've had to find ways to use cheap home decor to make my home inviting, friendly, and cozy. (Especially with the Vancouver rain, it's a necessity.)

I started looking for a couch cover a few months ago, since the colour of my couch drives me crazy haha, but I swear almost ALL the Amazon ones have this weird spikey/waffley texture that I do NOT understand. I found this one about a month ago, and I'm ordering ASAP.

Couch covers & throw pillows and blankets are such a fun and easy way to change the feel of a space! If you haven't purchased throw pillow inserts before, this is a lifesaver. Both for storage and for your budget, buying inserts + covers SEPARATELY will change the game. It allows you to have way more options without taking up the whole room and easily swap out your pillows for different seasons or styles!

If you're in a furnished place, or get sick of your couch - this couch cover is SO CUTE. (Way nicer than the other Amazon ones, and comes in a bunch of colours!)

#1 Decor hack in the WORLD: Stop buying throw pillows haha. These inserts are $25 for a set of 4, and you can buy super cute covers (see right) for WAY cheaper, and swap them out easily without storing tons of pillows.

Speaking of throw covers... these brown leather pillow covers are STUNNING. I love a good neutral and these will warm up your place while still respecting the aesthetic.

3. Coffee table books

Not gonna lie - if I could have dinner with any 10 people alive or dead, Joanna Gaines would make the list. Homebody is a great book (coffee table or otherwise), and it doubling as decor is just icing on the cake.

I haven't read this one yet, but it's SO BEAUTIFUL and I want it on my coffee table now haha. It seems like it's Fixer Upper meets The Home Edit, which is basically a dream come true. 

Live Beautiful is one of the most popular coffee table books on Amazon, and it's not surprising because the BOOK is freaking gorgeous -- plus it'll look so cute in your space.

4. decorative storage

Whether you've just moved in or are just looking to do some reorganizing, these items are PERFECT for any space. I honestly feel like decorative storage is the #1 spot to look for cheap apartment decor. I don't know about you, but in an apartment I'm always thinking about how to maximize my space and storage, so cute + functional is always a win in my book. The wire baskets are so cute for a kitchen or a bathroom, and these spice jars have literally haunted my dream for like a year now hahahaha, I need to just buy them. 

I'm honestly SO impressed by this AmazonBasics product - these black metal baskets are stackable and would be perfect for fruit or something in the kitchen!

Love a floating shelf, and the black metal edges on this one just make them pop a little. If you couldn't tell by now, I love high contrast pieces and this is no exception. (Picture them on white walls!)

Y'all, I have been obsessed with these spice jars for a year. I need to just bite the bullet and order them. LOOK HOW ADORABLE. The glass. The cork. Have you seen anything more beautiful ever?

I'm so obsessed with all these cheap apartment decor finds, and I'm willing to bet you are now too. If you're doing some shopping around, try to keep in mind that affordability doesn't always equal a quality product, so read reviews and be careful with what you buy. I honestly think Amazon is probably one of the best places to start, since it's so affordable and their return policy is pretty decent. 

Let me know what decor pieces are your favourite, and which ones you're going to grab! I think I'm ordering the couch cover + spice jars this month, I've been sitting on it for a while and it's time haha.

For more cheap apartment decor finds, organization and decluttering hacks, or inspiration to create a life and space you love, check out the blog here or follow us on Instagram!

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