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The Best Kitchen Organization Products on Amazon | I’ve been on a huge organization kick recently. It started with Netflix releasing The Home Edit, and has resulted in my entire house being torn apart and reorganized to create maintainable, beautiful systems. Chaotic though it sounds, I’m stoked. I’ve loved reorganizing the place and finding new ways to store things.

I’ve been pretty adamant about not breaking the bank with this project. I’m not a believer that organization or a clean house is something you can buy. It shouldn’t require spending a lot of money on tools just to keep your house neat.

That said, there are a few problem areas in my space that really need some extra help. Not every spot has ideal storage or a great layout, so getting creative is an essential part of this process. Amazon has some REALLY awesome tools to help organize the mismatched chaos and use your space more effectively. The best part is that they’re all pretty cheap — and if you need any more incentive, Prime Day is coming up this month on October 13 & 14!

Fingers crossed these guys go on sale, but even if they don’t, I’ll be snapping them up. These are the BEST kitchen organization products on Amazon — affordable, great reviews & genius storage solutions (plus they’re all really cute)!

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Best Kitchen Organization Products on Amazon

Okay, I had no idea this existed until a couple of weeks ago, but I am SO EXCITED ABOUT THIS. Finding an effective way to store my pots and pans has been an unsuccessful journey — until now. They take-up so much space in my cupboards, and there’s not really a space effective way to store them that also makes them easy to grab. This organizer is PERFECT. Top of my list for Prime Day, you better believe this baby’s my new favourite kitchen item.

Shop the Pot & Pan Organizer here

This under-the-sink cupboard organizer is fantastic. With adjustable shelves and lots of room to neatly store your cleaning supplies, not to mention the shelf that doubles the shelf surface area, this is definitely a must have.

Shop the Under-the-Sink Cupboard Organizer here

These food storage bins are stackable, have tons of space, and will fit perfectly into any area of the house. I actually always stock the Mac-n-cheese in the photo, which is what first grabbed my attention, because I’d LOVE to find more effective way to store them. Their ability to be stacked is a huge advantage, particularly because it only takes up vertical space. I’m planning on grabbing some of these for my office too — I love the clear sides and easy access.

Shop the Storage Bins here

Okay, VERY excited about this acrylic lazy Susan!!! Planning on grabbing more than one of these to store cooking supplies, cleaning stuff & more. I’ve been looking for these everywhere, and I swear they’re sold out almost everywhere! Amazon has a couple listings, so if you’re looking for this, don’t walk, run!

Shop Acrylic Lazy Susan here

I am both a coffee and a tea drinker, but I’ve had a hard time effectively storing my tea options. I like to have quite a variety on hand, but it’s a little hard to manage when it’s just boxes and boxes taking up way too much space in my cabinet. This acrylic lazy Susan with lid is a beautiful option, but I think I’m learning towards this wooden storage box. It’s SO cute, and I love that you can see all the bags without even opening it up! I’m kinda tempted to paint it white, but I do love the natural look too.

Shop the Wooden Tea Organizer here

Shop the Acrylic Tea Organizer here

When I moved into my own place, there were certain things I wanted to wait to buy. One of them is spice jars. I was determined to hold off until I found ones I loved. Insane? Maybe. But it paid off, because LOOK at those beautiful glass spice jars. The cork tops. The simplicity. The beauty. I’m having feelings for spice jars I’ve never had before. And they’re super affordable, huge, and will last forever. I’m embarrassed by how excited I am about these spice jars.

I haven’t done the measurements yet, but I want to grab this spice rack as well! The multiple levels make it easy to see everything on display at once, rather than digging through everything you’ve got.

Shop the Spice Jars that made me cry here

Shop the Spice Rack here

I am thoroughly, entirely convinced that these are the best kitchen organization products on Amazon. Each item is well under $50, many under $20, and they’re great solutions to common storage and organization problems.

The ultimate solution to disorganization is creating maintainable systems, and it’s hard to do that without changing anything. Join my quest for organization and make your kitchen the happiest place in the whole house.

Remember — Prime Day is October 13 & 14, 2020, so get ready to watch for sales! If you don’t already have a prime membership, you can sign up for a free trial and get access to all Prime Day deals here!

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