Clean Skincare Brands at Sephora


Over the last year, clean living has become one of my top priorities. I try to put intentionality behind every purchase I make, and that includes what I put on my face. Clean skincare is about taking care of myself through investing in products that are sustainable, reliable, and free of toxins.

If you haven’t looked into clean skincare, you may or may not know just how bad most drugstore stuff is. There are exceptions, but for the most part, the products on the shelf are slowly destroying your skin, with the sole purpose of keeping you hooked on investing in products that will temporarily fix the appearance of issues.

These clean skincare companies are all available at Sephora, so they’re really easy to get your hands on. They have strong ethics in every step of their formulation process and stellar reviews.

They are, in my opinion, experience, and research — the BEST clean skincare brands at Sephora, and some of the best on the market. If you have experience with these brands, leave a comment and let me know what your thoughts are!

Clean Skincare Brands at Sephora

Youth to the People

Out of these 5 brands, I am by FAR the MOST impressed by Youth to the People. Their mission statement, commitment to sustainability, and ethical standard are extremely high. They come extremely highly recommended. A company that prioritizes quality of morals as much as quality of product — and has high standards for both is a rare find, and one worth holding onto.

Shop Youth To The People Bestsellers:

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Drunk Elephant

If you’ve ever done any skincare shopping at Sephora, you’ve probably seen Drunk Elephant products. The brand is crazy popular, and it’s not hard to see why. I LOVE their products, they’ve worked wonders on my skin, and last a long time (this is huge if you’re investing in them). Drunk Elephant as a brand is extremely intentional about what ingredients they put in their products. They use both natural and synthetic ingredients that have been tested and proven to give your skin long term solutions, not just quick fixes. They’re also fragrance free, which can be really hard to find, and is actually waaaay better for you! 

Shop Drunk Elephant Bestsellers:

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I’ve yet to try their products, but Beautycounter has a really impressive group of fans & a powerful mission statement. Clean skincare and beauty is what they do, and their target for each product. They’re focusing on creating a future where “all beauty is clean beauty” (yes please!) and our committed to benefitting people, the planet, and the industry they’re in. Their packaging is really cute and EVERY SINGLE ITEM Sephora carries has 4 or 5 stars — placing my order now, brb. 

Shop Beautycounter Bestsellers:

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I’ve been a fan of Fresh for a while now, ever since the glory days of the Beauty Guru. Their lip balms were everything my 14 year old heart wanted. They’re still a top seller, and you can see way.

Fresh is an affordable luxury beauty brand. They strive to create products that people “don’t know they need, and then can’t live without”. Their philosophy is really interesting, they use techniques from across the globe and try to combine tradition with science.

Fresh skincare products have been receiving rave reviews for years now, there’s no question over the quality of the brand. Fresh are industry pioneers, and have built a brand that’s not just successful, but quality, respectable, and something worth investing in.

Shop Fresh Bestsellers:

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Another cult favourite, this brand is extremely particular about what they put in their skincare (not mad about this!). They’ve created an extremely successful line of items that are actually good for you, and have testimonials to support it. 

They’re consistent award winners, are priced really reasonably for a high end skincare brand, and are dedicated to making products that anyone would be proud to stand behind.

Shop OLEHENRIKSEN Bestsellers:

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These 5 brands are some of the best in the industry. Between delivering clean skincare that works, setting affordable rates, and staying stocked at Sephora, how could they not be?!

If you have any other clean skincare or beauty recommendations, let me know! I’m always looking to try new things, and I’d love to share brands that are working for their customers & the world we live in!

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