Winter Bucket List 2020


This is the ULTIMATE Winter Bucket List for the most festive, cozy, and fun Winter ever!

the coziest, most festive + fun

winter bucket list

I'm a December baby, and if you are too, you know the pain of trying to plan events in the winter. Coming up with fun things to do when it's cold outside can be a little tricky - but over the last 22 years, I've learned to get pretty creative.

There are actually TONS of fun things to do in the winter, and what used to be the bane of existence has become my favourite time of year. This winter bucket list has been plucked, pruned, and carefully cultivated to become what I consider a master list of the best things to do in the winter. 

If you like Christmas, spending time with people you love, getting cozy, and having adventures - this winter bucket list is for you. 

ADDITIONALLY - this could totally be used as a winter bucket list for couples , winter bucket list for boyfriend, etc. - so if I were you, I'd snag a cutie notebook, write out your bucket list, and take a polaroid picture of each one. You can put the pictures in next to the winter bucket list items, and at the end of the season, you'll have an unbelievably adorable keepsake. 

You can even do this as a surprise for your boyfriend or girlfriend and make it a Christmas present. (As I'm typing this, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna do this for my boyfriend this year because how cute)

the ultimate Winter Bucket List

1. go ice skating

2. have a christmas movie marathon

3. Bake holiday cookies

4. throw a christmas party for your friends & make holiday pajamas mandatory attire

5. organize a white elephant gift exchange with your friends

6. go skiing

7. have a photoshoot in the snow with your friends

8. organize a snowball fight

9. drink hot chocolate by the fire

10. get all cozy to read a book

11. go to a christmas tree farm

12. decorate for the holidays

12. go sledding

13. throw a new years party

14. fill your house with blankets

15. have a bubble bath

16. go snowboarding

17. start a weekly random act of kindness

18. make a gift by hand for someone you care about 

19. go on a sleigh ride

20. start a gratitude journal

21. learn a new skill

22. visit a christmas market

23. make your own snow globe

24. host a girls night for your gang

25. get an advent calendar (costco or amazon is your best bet)

27. go look at christmas lights

28. have a gingerbread house competition

29. make cookies for someone you don't know very well & give it to them

30. surprise your parents with a visit + Dinner

31. try making a christmas cocktail or mocktail

32. go for a hike in the snow

33. get christmas pjs

34. volunteer somewhere around the holidays

35. spend time with family

36. make last minute plans with friends

37. visit the closest big city

38. go snowshoeing

39. try new recipes

40. snail mail a letter to someone

41. take a break from social media

42. give a gift to someone who's not expecting it

43. pay it forward at a coffee shop

44. start a new tradition

45. listen to christmas music 

46. get all dressed up for an event (and if you don't have one, make dinner at home and eat it by candlelight!)

47. build a blanket fort

48. play a board game

49. wear a christmas sweater

50. start keeping a journal

51. drink a christmas-themed beverage 

And there you have it... the ultimate Winter Bucket List! I am so excited to do ALL of these fun things this winter! But I wanna know.. what's on your winter bucket list? 

If I had to choose, I think I'm MOST excited for all the Fall & Winter outfits coming my way this year (peep the Insta or for details), but also anything Christmas. There's just something about this season that gets me so dang excited, I can't even handle it.

I swear to you, I've never written a blog post that gets me as excited as my winter bucket list. I update it every year with any new ideas, changes, and improve any blog post SEO/details with new tips I've learned. Every time I come back to work on the winter bucket list, I get so DANG excited for this season!! It's so funny because as a child, I hated it - but here I am, and I can't get enough.

I will say too - I grew up in a cold climate, and moved to Vancouver a few years ago, and I would happily trade the rain we get here for the snow I grew up with. Winter bucket list isn't the same without snow to set the tone. 

Leave a comment below and let me know what your favourite thing to do in the winter are + follow along at on Instagram to see if I can actually get all of these things done this Winter! 

Winter bucket list 2021, Winter bucket list 2020

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