How to Start a Gratitude Journal


As we head back into Fall, many of our routines are shifting. Whether kids are back in school, we’re heading back to college, or different activities are starting back up, a lot is changing. And with a change in routine comes an opportunity to create new rhythms.

Starting a gratitude journal is one of the best ways to foster a positive mindset, good attitude, and grateful heart. No matter what your life looks like now, or what it will look like moving forward, positioning yourself to remain thankful will serve you well.

Gratitude helps keep you focused on what really matters. Remaining grounded in the goodness around you, and helping remind you to create good everywhere you can. It also provides tangible evidence that you can look back on when things get hard, proving that there is joy and peace to be found.

Gratitude journalling is a simple, easy practice that is proven to improve your mindset and help you create a life you love. Not by changing your circumstances, but by finding contentment exactly where you stand.

As you dream of and work towards the life you want (or maybe you’re there already!), don’t miss the opportunity to be grateful for the life you have now.

How to Start a Gratitude Journal

Set a Goal

If you’re new to gratitude journalling, or journalling on the whole, it may sound intimidating to commit to doing something everyday. So give it a test run. Pick an amount of time – two weeks or longer, and give yourself the goal of writing down something you’re grateful for everyday.

Two years ago, I did this for the first time. For 30 days, in the middle of one of the darkest times in my life, I wrote down something I was thankful for. I didn’t always enjoy it, and I didn’t feel thankful at first. But as I continued the process, it started to change the way I saw things. When I finished my 30 days, I knew I wanted to make this a permanent shift in my morning routine.

Pick a Time

Set a time of day you plan on writing in your gratitude journal. Morning is ideal, as starting your day off on the right foot can make a world of difference. Getting things done throughout the day feels a lot different when you’ve already taken the time to be intentionally grateful for what you have around you.

Keep it Simple

Don’t overthink it. Gratitude doesn’t always sound deep or profound, sometimes it’s just simple. It’s the heart stance that makes all the difference. To help you start this process (and create a BEAUTIFUL gratitude journal), I made 3 FREE Gratitude Journal Printables.

These printables come with a weekly option for gratitude journalling, a more in-depth daily option, AND a list of prompts designed to get you thinking.

Shop my favourite journals:

A gratitude journal is a fantastic way to change your mindset. It’s an instant boost of joy. Choosing to begin your day with a grateful heart is undeniably a successful practice.

It’s been a rough year for a lot of us, and staying grounded may be important than ever right now. Regardless of whether you’re struggling or feeling good, we can all benefit from choosing to focus on the good that we have rather than what we lack.

As we head into whatever’s next, try starting a gratitude journal. Make the commitment to yourself & to your future to see the light.

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  1. Pearl says:

    This is so cute, Anika! I’ve also been slightly shifting my routines for fall. I love gratitude journaling! Practicing gratitude definitely has helped to rewire my mindset from anxiousness to peace and contentment!

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