38 Things to Start Doing in 2021


38 Things to Start Doing in 2021 | This last year.. didn’t exactly go as planned. But 2021 is close, and the future is bright. I don’t know about you, but I experienced a lot of growth in 2020, and I want to keep that going this year. These 38 Things to Start Doing in 2021 really are a road map to living your best life. They cover health, personal development, and everything else.

In conclusion, this is the ultimate guide to making 2021 your year. In addition, check out more mindset and growth content here!

things to start doing in 2021 | New Years resolutions

38 Things to Start Doing in 2021

  • Eat healthy
  • Say no to things 
  • Set boundaries
  • Dream big
  • Make a plan
  • Set goals

Firstly, you need the dream. And with big dreams needs to come a real plan, and with that plan, smaller goals. In order to get to where you want to be, you need to put in the work and the grind — commit to doing it until you see the results.

  • Say yes to things
  • Make new friends
  • Make the first move
  • Schedule self care
  • Read more
  • Buy less
  • Learn something new every week
  • Support small businesses
  • Stop shopping at fast-fashion stores
  • Make a habit of telling people how much they mean to you
  • Get outside more
  • Practice generosity

Look for opportunities to give your money, time, and skills to people who could use it. Volunteer somewhere, donate to an organization you believe in, teach someone for free.

  • Once a week, send an encouraging message to someone you know
  • Keep your room/home more organized
  • Stick to a budget
  • Set financial saving goals
  • Exercise regularly
  • Keep a journal
  • Read the Bible everyday
  • Try new creative outlets

Take a painting class! Try drawing, pottery, or sculpting. Take up a new instrument — whatever!

  • Develop a morning routine
become a morning person overnight
  • Have a positive mindset
  • Look for ways to positively influence the world
  • Get a “mindset accountability partner”

Ask a friend to actually hold you accountable to positivity — to call you out if you get stuck in a negative mindset or just need to be snapped out of it.

  • Pay attention to insecurities/old wounds

Choose healing. Stop allowing your life to be dictated by old fears and hurts. Do the work to actually address the things that you’ve been through, and seek out better for yourself.

  • Do the things you’re afraid of
  • Be honest with yourself about what you want and how you feel
  • Stop apologizing for existing
  • Spend less time on your phone
  • Take a class on something
  • Make more to-do lists, and actually finish them
  • Print out pictures of people you love & hang them around your room
  • Do something just for fun

In Conclusion…

All of these 38 habits to cultivate in 2021 will help you grow, improve your life, and probably increase your happiness. However — none of these will do anything if you can’t stick to them.

A common mistake with New Years’ Resolutions, goals, or habits is to set HUGE goals for yourself. This in and of itself isn’t an issue, but when you expect immediate results, or an overnight lifestyle change, you’re setting yourself up for failure.

Yes, during this journey, you’ll need to push yourself. But try to find the balance between challenging yourself and unrealistic plans.

On the other hand, giving yourself a big goal with realistic steps is a great way to plan ahead. If you want to launch your own business this year, awesome–how will you get there? It’s absolutely possible, but you’re the only one who can choose to make it happen.

Give yourself grace, room to be human, and the option to change your mind. Plan ahead for life to do its thing and push yourself without running into the ground.

2021, let’s do this.

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things to do in 2021

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