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I'M SO EXCITED TO BE WRITING THIS POST ABOUT FALL FASHION 2021. I don't know about you, but Fall fashion and Winter outfits are my FAVOURITE out of the whole year. Don't get me wrong, I love a beach day as much as the next girl, but I honestly find cozy Fall outfits more flattering on me & just definitely more my thing. 

To say I love cute winter outfits is an understatement. I grew up in a pretty cold climate (Canada, eh?), so Fall Fashion 2021 and Winter outfit ideas are natural for me. My mom always tells this story about me at 11 months  old. Someone had given me a baby designer sweater hand-me-down, and I clutched it to my chest with little fists and said "I love clothes" -- and it was at that moment that my parents knew their bank accounts were in trouble hahahahaha.

The truth is, I really did fall in love with clothes because of fall outfits and winter fashion. I love a good dark lip, cozy sweater, and some cute boots -- ugh the inspiration is consuming me, and I'm writing this in July. (Blogger life, amirite?) 

I could go on and on about my favourite things in this season, but the truth is, I already have - and if you're a fellow cold weather pal, I highly recommend checking out my Fall Bucket List post for a list of 50+ fun and cozy things to do this year!

Note: this post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase an item through one of these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you. 


1. A fun hat

Three years ago, I bought a floppy black hat at Target, and no joke, it changed my life. (Okay, maybe I'm a BIT dramatic..) There's something about throwing a hat on that just takes an outfit up like three notches and I'll never EVER get over it.

Gigi Pip makes by FAR the best hats -- they're SO stinkin cute and the quality is just unparalleled. Their black Monroe rancher is my FAVOURITE, and I love that they sell multiple sizes because I have a small head and it's very hard for me to find hats that actually fit.  

If you're looking for more of a bargain buy, I just discovered these ASOS dupes that are RIDICULOUSLY affordable and have a size adjustable band! I literally haven't seen anything like this for that low of a price ($22!!!) ever, so if you're looking to save, I'd definitely go this route. 

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2. Comfy jeans

Okay, in all honesty, I feel like this one's pretty self explanatory haha. One of the things I love most about Fall Fashion 2021 and Winter outfits is that it's SO freaking easy to wear the same format everyday and just change it slightly for a whole new look. 

If you don't have a good basic set of jeans, definitely snag a couple pairs -- I like to keep a couple of pairs of blue jeans (one ripped, one not), and a couple pairs of black (one ripped, one not), and honestly that's really all you need. You can add more if you want, but this is an essentials post 😉

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3. Neutral Basics

Neutral basics are a MUST for assembling a cute fall or winter outfit. Especially if you're into layering, having quality and comfy basic items is kind of a necessary starting point. 

Personally, I'm a big fan of bodysuits -- this square neck one from Aritzia will probably be part of my uniform this fall if I'm honest -- but if that's not your thing, totally cool. I've linked a few of my favourite bodysuits below (that are all super affordable -- these are from Lulus and I live in them most of the time!), but if you'd rather non-bodysuits I'd recommend browsing Lulus, Abercrombie, and Lululemon for great layering pieces!

Additionally, a couple of good button ups are absolute STAPLES for this time of year! Having one or two button ups that you LOVE the fit of is so valuable -- you can dress them up or down and they're just so great. My personal favourite is to tuck in one side of the shirt to my Pistola mom jeans, throw on some jewelry + chunky heels and call it a DAY. 

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4. Sweater

A Fall Fashion 2021 post would certainly be amiss without talking about the best part of any fall outfit -- a cozy sweater. My favourite sweater of ALL TIME is this cream cable knit one from Lulus (they're all sold out now, but this one is similar!) & I LIVED in it last year. 

A quality sweater is something you can get a ton of use out of, so look for a couple that you LOVE. I bought a gray turtleneck sweater from H&M 4 years ago that I still wear every year, because it's cute AF and it's held up really well! 

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4. Shacket

I don't know about you, but I LOVE the Shacket trend! Especially when it comes to Fall fashion 2021 -- transition seasons call for lightweight jackets and everything layers. I actually kept putting off buying one, but I ordered one this week and I'm so freakin excited! Some shackets are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced (ahem... Aritzia... I love you but I'm not paying almost $300 for a shacket), but I found a bunch that are super affordable.

I've also seen a few at Nordstrom rack that I couldn't find online, but if there's one near you, I'd definitely go look there -- also check Winners or TJ Maxx for cheaper options!

5. Jacket

An actual jacket is a must-have for Fall Fashion 2021. The shacket is great and all, but as we move into winter outfits 2021, it's going to be essential to have a jacket that you love. I bought a gray jacket from Zara years ago and it's still my favourite fall piece! I can't find the exact one online, but they usually have some version of it in store, so go take a look and see if you can track it down! 

6. Booties/boots

I mean... did you really think I was gonna talk about Fall Fashion 2021 and not tell you about my favourite shoes of all time?! 

If it were ethical, sustainable, and affordable, I would own way more boots and booties than I do, but as it stands, they're one of my favourite shoe styles ever. From snakeskin favs to classic camel ankle booties, over-the-knee and Blundstones, Fall and winter are the perfect time of year to wear my boots eeeverywhere.

I live in Vancouver (Raincouver), so Blunds or anything semi-waterproof gets extra points in my books. Boots can go with pretty much any fall outfit, and either compliment or level up whatever else you've got on!

Fall Fashion 2021 is about to be a killer season and MAN OH MAN I'M READY. I can't wait to see what looks I come up with + what looks you rock this season! Make sure to follow along at @outofthehabit.co on Insta so we can see each others' style!

Ps... if you're excited for more than just Fall fashion 2021 and cute winter outfits.. you might be interested in the ULTIMATE Fall Bucket List. Grab your boyfriend or your best friend and check out the list, download the printable, and make Fall 2021 the best ever!  

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