Summer Capsule Wardrobe


Summer Capsule Wardrobe 2021

Looking to build your summer capsule wardrobe? Here you'll find all the inspiration, links, and basics you'll need to come up with a killer wardrobe for the summer in just a few items. 

Capsule wardrobes are a great way to save time, energy, and money. I personally don't follow a super strict system, but my capsule wardrobe has literally EVERYTHING I need & I love everything I have. It's a really great feeling to go to pick out an outfit and not feel overwhelmed. 

I personally love simple, clean, and classy looks. My style has been described as that of a "hot mom" hahahahaha, and I kinda feel like it's a good description to be honest with you.

Everything in my summer capsule wardrobe goes with everything else, and every piece feels like me. Of course your capsule wardrobe should reflect your individual style, but I hope this gives you some inspiration, ideas, and shopping direction! 

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase items through these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.


My summer capsule wardrobe is the easiest for me, because I would happily wear the same outfits everyday. I mainly cycle through 5 tops, all of which I LOVE. Side note: the key to a good capsule wardrobe is to only own pieces that you like the fit and style of! I'm happy to wear these all of the time because I love the way that they fit me and look.

1. White T-Shirt Bodysuit from Lulus - I got this a few months ago and have already worn it sooo many times. This is seriously the PERFECT fit -- just loose enough that it gives the oversized look, but the bodysuit feature helps it keep some shape/form. 

2. Black Tank Bodysuit - This has been a summer capsule wardrobe staple of mine for YEARS. I'm not joking. I bought my first black tank bodysuit from Garage in 2017/18, and have worn it so. many. times. I love styling it with high waisted shorts + a linen shirt overtop, but you could totally dress this up too with a cute skirt + a leather jacket! 

3. Dressy Tank Top - My go-to satin tank top is actually thrifted, but if I was buying one new, this would be the one. I love having a cool option for summer events, and the versatility is definitely a perk, especially in a capsule wardrobe. You could dress this up with black jeans + booties/heels, a leather jacket and a cute purse, or stick to a jean jacket and keep it casual.

4. Graphic T-Shirt - Because you NEED a cute graphic tshirt for the summer. Not gonna lie, I typically steal my boyfriend's (itsfinehelovesme), but I was grabbing links for this post and I saw this t-shirt and I just - it's perfect and now I think I have to order from Lulus again haha.

5. Cute Trendy/Crop Top - Finally, I like to have one fun, non-practical trendy or popular top in the mix! Right now, my go to has been this blue American Eagle one, but tragically it looks like they no longer carry it. If you're on the hunt though, I highly recommend checking out Petal & Pup! I haven't ordered from them yet, but I've been stalking their website and GUYS. Their stuff is so cute. 

Honestly, those are all of the basic tops I wear in the summer! Occasionally, if it's cold, I'll throw on a cozy sweater, but that's a pretty rare occurrence! If you want ideas of how to mix & match these pieces, be sure to follow us on instagram!

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My summer capsule wardrobe bottom pieces might just be even simpler than the tops. Of course, for the summer, you gotta have some shorts too!

1. Mom Shorts from AE - These are my favourite shorts ever. Finding shorts as a woman that don't go past your knees or show your butt to the world is an incredibly tricky thing to do, and American Eagle has become my go to. These Mom Shorts are SO cute, insanely comfy, and short but not TOO short. They also carry curvy styles which I love!

2. Daze Moneymaker Jeans - I have been on the hunt FOREVER for jeans that fit me really well, and the closest I've gotten is these Daze skinny jeans! I'm tall but not tall enough for tall sizes, and have long legs but they're skinny, etc...  Anyways, I'm a huuuge fan of the cut and style, and they're super comfy too!

3. Black Jeans - Classic black jeans are just a staple year round! I probably wear them the least in the summer, but they're a great option for slightly nicer events or a casual day with a denim jacket!

4. Floral Skirt - Full disclosure, I got my go-to skirt at Old Navy on sale last year and I love it. However. If I could go back, I would've probably waited and spent a little bit more for one of the Petal & Pup skirts. They're so beautiful + stylish, I love how classy they look even with the print. 


You know that moment when you see something and you just go - yup, it's me. That's exactly how I feel about the first item on this list. Dresses are probably my favourite part of summer style. It gets really warm here, and I love being able to just throw one on to escape the summer heat a little! I think I also just associate them with summer date nights, which are absolutely my favourite.

1. Free People Adella Slip Dress - I. am. obsessed. I can promise you right now I'm going to be wearing this dress all summer long. I can't wait to throw it on with some wedges + a jean jacket, or my leather jacket + black hat, ahhhhh... this is perfect for summer weddings, date nights, or just lounging around the house feeling like a freaking queen.

2. Floral High-Low Dress - If you're ever, ever, looking for a cute dress - go to Lulus. Seriously. ALL of my favourite dresses (except the above) are from there, and this one is on the list to be my next favourite. It's a perfect wedding guest dress, and has such a beautiful and flattering fit!

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1. Elodie Leather Jacket - This may come as no shock to you, but my first outerwear staple is EASILY my favourite leather jacket. Hear me out - this jacket is UNDER $50 (!) from Nordstrom Rack, fits like a dream, and goes with everything. I get compliments every time I wear it. Cannot recommend enough.

2. White Linen Shirt - A white linen shirt is just such a great summer basic to have. I'll throw this on over a tank top, or tuck it half into jeans or shorts for a kind of relaxed look. (I don't know why, but a white linen shirt + jeans + my glasses always makes me feel like a writer lol). 

3. Jean Jacket - I've had the same Forever 21 jean jacket for YEARS, but this year I'm considering upgrading to American Eagle's boyfriend jacket! It's super cute + has a really nice flattering fit. A jean jacket is such a perfect summer staple. It works over a cute dress, t-shirt and jeans, or bodysuit. This will literally go with ANYTHING in your capsule wardrobe.


1. Birkenstocks - I mean... you need a casual pair of sandals for every summer. Birks are a classic, they're ridiculously comfy, and I will end up wearing them 90% of the time.

2. White Sneakers - A good pair of white sneakers is a summer classic. I've had my Nikes for a couple of years now, and I think this year I've pretty much worn them out aha. I LOVE Nikes, and the Adidas superstars are great too. I'm looking at buying a pair of these Piloti sneakers, but you can find classic white sneakers anywhere! 

3. THE BEST HEELS EVER - I am NOT a heels person. I love how they look, but I hate how unstable and uncomfortable I feel. I bought my first pair of these heels a few months ago (I have the almond colour, which is the PERFECT nude) and they're so comfy! I love rocking these for date night, but I'd honestly wear them with some cute jeans too!

I'm so excited for summer style, and I can't wait to see all the cute looks from everyone else this year! Hope this was helpful and inspiring, be sure to let me know what your summer staples are!

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