30 Habits That Will Change Your Life


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If you're looking for habits that will change your life,  you're in the right place.

Three years ago, if you had asked me how important my habits were, I probably would've shrugged and told you I had no clue. That's because before I discovered the habits that will change your life, I discovered that habits are what control it.

Almost everything you do is at least partly unconscious, the routines you go through during the day reflexes of a life that has been compounding different patterns since it began. Your actions flow out of your rhythms and out of your beliefs.

Who you think you are is how you will behave.

These 30 habits will change your life, not because one tiny behaviour alters your identity, but because as your actions change, so do your beliefs about who you are and what you're capable of. These habits to build for a healthier life will help you find balance, create healthy rhythms, and reset your everyday. 

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30+ Habits that will change your life

This post about habits that will change your life is first being published in the 
Fall, because truth be told, seasons of transition make it much easier to create shifts in your personal life. 

For more  tips on building successful habits, I can't recommend Atomic 
Habits by James Clear enough. It's not an exaggeration to tell you that this book transformed my everyday life and how I approach making change. 
You can find it here - plus it's currently on an AMAZING sale!

With no reason to delay any further - here are habits that will change your life.

Personal Growth

1. Get up with your alarm.

2. Use an actual alarm clock and put your phone in the other room at night.

3. Practice active self-awareness. 

4. Set monthly goals that are specific, trackable, and work towards a larger purpose. (Read more on Setting & Achieving Successful Goals.)

5. Read for fun - start with a few pages everyday, and build up to make it an automatic response.

6. When you feel stressed or overwhelmed, pause before reacting. Slow down, sit with your feelings and thoughts, and establish which of your feelings are actually caused by your current situation.

7. Start journaling. Keep a notebook by your bed and take a few minutes every night to jot down some of what you're thinking and feeling.

8. Schedule time to slow down and be present with your thoughts.

health & wellbeing

1. Move your body every day.

2. Lay out your gym clothes before heading to work or school, so they're there when you get home.

3. Plan your meals in advance (download a free printable Meal Planner here.)

4. Write grocery lists before heading to the store.

5. Before grocery shopping, look through your fridge and pantry to see what food is already available and needs to be eaten.

6. Find active ways to spend time with friends - go for a walk, a bike ride, etc. 

7. Keep a journal or a record of your mood and emotions. Tracking your mental health can help you feel more connected to yourself and aware of what's happening in your own mind.

8. If you plan to work out or be active, set out your workout gear in advance so that you see it and can't forget.


1. Work on eliminating expectations of your significant other or friends. 

2. At least once a week, initiate plans with a friend.

3. Practice active self-awareness. 

4. Ask the people around you "What can I do to love you or support you this week?"

5. Get comfortable saying "no" and setting boundaries.

6. Send your partner or SO texts letting them know that you appreciate them. 

7. Apologize without being prompted if you think you've hurt someone.

8. Stick to a weekly date night.

9. Have your SO make a list of things you do that make them feel loved, and at the end of each day, ask yourself if you did at least one of those things.

10. Hug your SO everyday for at least 45 seconds.


1. Notice your own negativity. 

2. Don't fight your feelings. Embrace them.

3. Practice active self-awareness. 

4. Start a gratitude journal or practice and make a conscious effort to see the good in the world around you. 

5. Practice the 4-Minute Rule.

6. Get ready everyday - not that you need to look fancy, but wash your face, brush your teeth, take care of yourself.

7. Start thinking positive thoughts about yourself. If this is hard for you, try putting up post-its in your car or around your house to remind you of the things that you're trying to adapt and learn.


1. Spend 2 minutes reading scripture everyday.

2. Insert prayer into a routine you already have (ex: pray while you shower).

3. When you feel overwhelmed, turn on worship music. Imagine this being your reflex anytime you got stressed.

4. Put up physical notes with scripture or spiritual encouragement around your home.

the journey of building habits

Habit development is a process, and establishing habits that will change your life is going to take time. The best way to do this is to take advantage of a season of natural change - jump on the opportunity to implement lasting and effective shifts in your life. And to go slow.

Start with small versions of the habits you eventually want to have, and as they become more and more natural, add on to them. 1% everyday does far more good for you than trying to do 100% and giving up.

These 30 habits that will change your life will help you find balance, peace, and purpose - and you don't have to do it alone.

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Proud of you, cheering for you, can't wait to see where this takes you.

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