Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas ANYONE Will Love


Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for ANYONE on Your List | I have a confession. You know those people — the ones who do their Christmas shopping every year between December 23rd and 24th? Yeah — that was me. For years, Christmas gifts were a last minute afterthought, partially because I didn’t really have the budget for them, and partially because I just didn’t plan ahead. But no more!

Gift ideas is one thing I’m actually very proud of my skills in – nine times out of ten, I’m usually a good judge of what to get people (of course, that one other time is a complete flop, but what can you do?). These affordable Christmas Gift ideas are perfect for anyone on your list this year, from in-laws to best friend. They’re guaranteed wins and cheap, so there’s no way they’ll destroy your bank account.

Whether you’re shopping months in advance or the week before, these are perfect gifts to grab RIGHT NOW for the ones you love.

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Affordable Christmas Gift Ideas for Anyone on Your List

Bottle of Wine

Classic. Assuming your recipient is a fan, a bottle of wine is never a bad call. Bonus points if you can get it from a local winery #supportsmallbusinesses

Art Print

I love this one. It’s easy to find digital art prints on Etsy or Society6, and you can find cute frames at the dollar store, making this an insanely affordable Christmas gift idea. There’s endless options, so you’re guaranteed to find something your gift recipient will LOVE. Here’s some of my current favourite digital prints:

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AirBnB Gift Card

This is on my list for a friend this year, and I’m so excited! This is a creative way to give someone a unique experience they’ll LOVE. AirBnb means they can pick where they go — staycation or cross country travel, and you’ve given them a memory, rather than just an item.

Sports Gear

Another failsafe.

Bookstore Gift Card

Books are always a great idea, and if you don’t know what they’re looking for, give them the chance to pick it out themselves!


Urban Outfitters, Mala, and Winners/TJ Maxx are all great places to find cute candles that make great affordable Christmas gifts.


Giving someone coffee is basically as close as you can get to giving them life itself–and there’s tons of small, ethical coffee brands who would love support.

Milk Frother

This is on my Christmas list this year. Milk steamers/frothers are really affordable on Amazon, and are great gifts! For coffee and tea drinkers, and basically anyone who enjoys delicious drinks, this is bound to be a hit.

Scratch-Off Map

True story: last Christmas, I gave my brother & his girlfriend a scratch-off map. I bought 2 different colours (I didn’t know which one they’d want), and was going to keep whichever one they didn’t. When I got to town, my dad had already claimed the other one and hung it up in his office. Perfect for anyone who likes travel!

Map Print

This is also one I’m purchasing for someone this year, and I love it so much. It’s a great way to keep sentiment and memories alive while decorating your home with beautiful pieces!

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affordable Christmas gifts

Coffee Mug/Travel Mug

Favourite TV show, quote, or place — get it on a mug.

Personalized Journal

For the words of affirmation people in your life. (????????‍♀️)

Spa Coupon (or Groupon)

Again, there is literally no one who would be upset by this.

affordable Christmas gift ideas


Easy decoration & a cute way to customize your space!

Phone Case

It’s always nice to change things up a bit.

Bluetooth headphones

Not everyone needs a pair of AirPods — there’s now super affordable alternatives at any electronics store or easily found on Amazon!

Hairdryer Brush

OKAY – THIS brush has changed my life. Not kidding. What used to take me an hour to fully blow dry & style my hair now takes me 4 minutes and 53 seconds. I got mine for $30 at Winners/TJ Maxx. Any long-haired people in your life will love you for this.

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An underrated gift, a good water bottle is a valuable tool. I get compliments on my favourite Asobu bottle all the time, and I absolutely love it. It’s double walled, the inner is glass, and the outer is plastic — so I can drop it all the time and I don’t have to worry. (Not an affiliate, just a fan!)

Recipe Mix in a Jar

This is probably the cheapest gift idea you can go with, but it’s handmade, personal, and there’s just nothing like it. You can do this with drink mixes, baking, soups, etc!

Cocktail Shaker

Because why not?!

Any of these affordable Christmas gift ideas are perfect for friends, coworkers, family, and more. Universally practical, creative, and FUN, they’re guaranteed hits this Christmas season.

For more gift ideas, Christmas decor inspiration, or other Holiday content, click here to read more!

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