Cheap Christmas Decor Hacks (How I Decorated for Under $50!)


Cheap Christmas Decor Hacks | As an enthusiast of good times, celebrating, and life itself, I get more excited about Christmas than almost anything else. From watching Christmas movies to gift shopping to decorating the house, it’s by far the best time of year.

When it comes to decorating, I like to feel like I’m living in a classy, beautiful, winter wonderland. I live in a basement suite, so I’m always looking to brighten things up and make them fun, cozy, and festive. But I’m also a fan of saving money — so I’ve had to get creative.

These Dollar Store Christmas Decor Hacks are cheap, easily customized to your home & aesthetic, and will get your place spreading the Christmas Spirit all season. Every item is either available at your local dollar store, or easily ordered online — I’ll even shoot you the link.

This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase items through these links, I may receive a small commission at no cost to you.

Cheap Christmas Decor Hacks | Dollar Store Christmas Decor

Snow Covered Burlap Christmas Tree

A few weeks ago, I was browsing the Target Christmas decor section and came across this burlap-base mini Christmas tree.

Obviously, instant love, but I really don’t need three — and tragically for us Canadians, Target is currently off limits due to the closed border. Luckily for all of us, dollar stores have a knack for taking something really cute and making it just slightly worse. On a trip to Dollarama, I found this similar burlap-based tree for $3:

As you can see, it had some very disproportionate pine cones and berries, which I immediately removed. This was THREE DOLLARS, so it was a steal even just to leave it like that. But I wanted to add a bit more, so I grabbed some fake snow spray ($2), and decided to add a little bit extra.

I LOVE how this turned out!! This tree is at the Center of my main living room table, and adds a holiday feel to the room without being tacky or overwhelming. These tiny twinkle lights, ALSO from the Dollar Store ($4), give it a bit of sparkle and a kind of magic feel.

Dollar Store Letterboard

Another crazy simple decoration, this black letterboard was $6 exactly. It’s a great addition to a table, bookshelf, or background, adding to the simple minimalistic style of decor.

Cheap Christmas Wreath

Classic! Indoor or outdoor, a wreath is a beautiful, traditional way to decorate for the holiday season and welcome guests to your home. Now, you could opt to pay *way too much money* for a pre-made wreath… Or you could head down to your local dollar tree and pick one up for $4.

This beauty is the perfect size for my place, and with a bit of that snow spray, it’ll be a perfect backdrop. Every year, Michael’s makes the wonderful decision to sell an assortment of wreath attachments in every shape, size, and colour you can think of, so you can finish off your cheap wreath by getting whatever decorations you like! For some wreath inspo, here are my favs:

Art Prints & Snowy Pinecones

This one is so easy it’s not even funny. I got this frame from — the dollar store — for $7. It’s 8×10” and will go with my decor year round, which is perfect. This way, I can easily swap out my art prints with whatever fits for the season!

I replaced my pumpkins with cute snowy pinecones, and, ta-da!

All of these purchases total up to: $26. That’s right — $26. Add in tax, maybe a cute Christmas art print, and you’re still nowhere close to going over budget! For the rest of my apartment, I added some decor I’ve purchased in previous years, but even those items were not expensive. Homesense, Target, and Ikea are honestly where I get most of my home stuff, so nothing’s too bad!

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