Creative Gifts for Boyfriend He’s Guaranteed to Love


Gift ideas for boyfriend | I feel like boyfriends are just universally hard to shop for - especially when you're trying to find cute creative gifts for your boyfriend that he'll actually love and use. After years of finding unique gifts for my guy - I've got you covered with this of cute gift ideas for your boyfriend.

Whether you're looking for Christmas gift ideas, unique birthday gifts for boyfriend, or the perfect Valentine's day gift, there's something for you here.


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Gift ideas under $20

whiskey stones

Whiskey stones are the perfect gift for any amateur mixologist or whiskey lover in your life (and they're super affordable). After he opens them up, pop these babies in the freezer and enjoy a celebratory drink ????

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movie jar/date jar

This was one of the first gifts I ever gave my boyfriend, and he flipped. If you find yourself always talking about movies you want to watch or date ideas you have - but then when the time comes, you can't decide what to do - this is for you. With a total cost of $4 for some popsicle sticks and a jar, as well as an evening of crafting, you've got a fun keepsake & something else to make the decision for you.

formula 1 race track wall art

The perfect gift idea for the F1 lover in your life - these Formula 1 wall art pieces are such a fun way to celebrate the sport and they're actually great neutral decor pieces. As a non-colour girly, I greatly appreciate this lol.

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Books can be a love language all on their own - especially when you know what your partner likes to read & what they've been wanting. 

Gift ideas under $50

cocktail torch

If you've never had a smoked drink - you need to. A cocktail torch is such a fun way to take your bar setup to the next level, and feels like the ultimate man toy for any guy who likes to host or make drinks!

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men's watch box

I honestly didn't know this was a thing until very recently, but it's absolutely genius. Like a jewellery box but for the boys, these watch boxes give them a spot to organize and store watches, cufflinks, sunglasses, and any other accessories (and get them off the counter). They also look so cute on a nightstand - Amazon has tons available, but I linked a few of my favourites!

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saxx underwear

Can't have too many pairs + apparently these are a dream to wear. 

massage gun

Massage guns are SUCH a good gift for pretty much anyone imo, and they've gotten really affordable in the last few years.

cute & funny mug

I actually bought one of these for my boyfriend the first year we were dating, and he loved it. There are so many variations of this, and it's definitely on the more cheesy side, but I still think it's a pretty great gift.

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sports team apparel

If your guy is into sports, let me turn you onto '47. They make such nice sports apparel (and have a lot of neutral coloured options which I am a biiig fan of). Sports apparel often falls into that category of "things they want but wouldn't buy for themselves" which is such a sweet spot when it comes to gifts.

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wireless charging station

A must for any Apple fan, this wireless charging station can charge both an iPhone, apple watch, and AirPods at once - and it's under $30. 

Gift ideas under $100

saxx loungewear pants

These are crazy soft and so comfy. There's something so nice about getting a pair of cozy loungewear pants or a nice set - little luxuries for the everyday,

weighted blanket

This weighted blanket is so nice and such a bargain! Some of the popular ones are crazy expensive, but this has made such a difference in my sleep quality.

streaming subscription

An annual subscription to a streaming service can be such a great option, because it is *literally* a gift that keeps on giving. I've gifted both Dazn & F1TV before and it went so well!

Gift ideas over $100


Another little luxury, it's hard to go wrong with cologne. If you know what your boyfriend likes, pick out a scent, or purchase one of the sampler sets Sephora carries so he can try a few and see how they wear. 

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If your boyfriend is a reader, a Kindle e-reader is an incredible gift. They're priced at over $100, but if you can snag it on a sale, do it. 

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If he doesn't already have a set of bluetooth headphones, this is a great gift option. Perfect for work, hitting the gym, or if you want to listen to two separate things around the house, Airpods are so functional & so easy.

work bag

This is probably my favourite item on the list - I just think it's such a sweet way to show support for your boyfriend's career path with a really nice work bag, and this Fossil bag can actually be custom embossed as well.

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I really hope this post on cute gift ideas for boyfriend are helpful!

These creative & cute gift ideas for your boyfriend will go a long way! Let me know if there’s anything that needs to be added to the list, and if you try any of these items!

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