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20+ Quality Time Love Language Ideas to help you connect with the people you love in the way they most need it!

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The 5 Love Languages, as laid out in the bestselling book by Gary Chapman, are quality time, physical touch, gifts, acts of service, and words of affirmation. Each of us gives and receives love differently, but our methods fall into at least one of these categories. We usually have one or two that are the primary ways in which we show love to others, and feel it reciprocated. 

Knowing your significant other's love language is incredibly important. It's with this information that you can make sure your actions are communicating what you think they are. For example, if your love language is acts of service, and you're dating someone who's all about physical touch, your sweet gesture of cleaning up the kitchen could be totally missed by someone who really just wanted a hug.

Quality time is the second most common love language, following words of affirmation by a small margin, and if you're dating/married to someone who has this love language, I've got good news for you -- it's really easy to fill this need once you understand it.

Quality time love language ideas are based around one thing - quality. It's easy to assume that these date nights simply just mean sitting side by side, but we all know that existing in the same space doesn't always mean you're growing closer together. 

These quality time love language ideas are designed to help you connect with your partner, make them feel loved, and help you grow in living and building a life together.

For 20 quality time love language ideas (that are cheap and easy), just keep reading, or click here to check out ideas for your local Words of Affirmation person. 


1. Plan regular date nights. Weekly if you can! Spontaneity is great, and special in its own right, but there's something about consistency and planning ahead that can show just how important someone is to you. 

2. Turn off your phone when you're together. Okay, so this isn't just a quality time love language idea... Trust me, I get how addicting phones can be - and I also think you can find creative ways to spend time together WITH your phones! (My boyfriend and I are 100% hooked on this game called Rush Royale -- not sponsored, we just love it haha, and we play it together alllll the time.) But if you're on a date, having a meal, or an important conversation, it's worth ditching the distraction and focusing on the person in front of you. 

3. Really listen to the person when they're talking to you. Try not to zone out. Sometimes it happens, and there's nothing you can do about it, but try your best to pay attention. Remember, these love language ideas are about quality time, so when you're present and paying attention, it goes a long way. If you have a hard time paying attention, try asking questions about what they're saying. It shows that you're listening and will actually help you focus. 

4. Invite them to spend time with you. Be an initiator! Don't always wait for your significant other to ask you to do something, invite them to come be an active part of your life. 

5. Run errands together. I know it sounds crazy, but running errands together can be a great source of quality time. Some of my favourite days with my boyfriend have been spent grocery shopping, crossing things off of a to-do-list, and snagging Costco hot dogs for lunch. 

6. Set a goal that you can work towards together. I have a whole post FULL of goal ideas that would be so much more fun to do with your significant other. Keep in mind that your personal growth needs to continue individually, but setting goals together can be a great opportunity to build something strong and real. Currently, Zach and I are discussing training for a marathon together (he used to run track and field, whereas I am NOT ATHLETIC AT ALL, so it should be veeery interesting), and I'm simultaneously excited and terrified.

7. Go for a walk together. Going for a walk together is honestly one of the easiest ways to get some quality time. A friend of mine had a psychology professor who used to tell all of their students that walks were the BEST first date ideas. The physical movement keeps you from overthinking too much, and allows you to just relax and be present. 

8. Take a trip together. If you can, make it a road trip! I'm a firm believer that road trips are the best quality time love language idea, and also just a good idea in general. It's actually a great opportunity to see who someone really is.

9. Plan activities that are all-day commitments. Here and there, plan some all day dates. Take a staycation, go for a long hike, or go camping with friends!

10. Make sure you spend time together one on one. Groups are good, and it's important to prioritize your friendships and other relationships. But you also need a chance to be together just the two of you. If you are with someone whose love language is quality time, you're going to need to make sure that that happens on a regular basis.

11. Remind them that they are a priority in your schedule. Sometimes life gets crazy, and you might have a wild few weeks - no worries! But make sure that your person knows that they are a #1 priority for you.

12. Ask them deep questions. 

13. Watch a TV show together. Top recommendations - The Blacklist, The Office, and The Bachelor 😉 

14. Volunteer together for something that you both care about. Nothing brings you closer than standing together for what you believe in.

15. Take time everyday to just be together. If you can, try and make time for each other everyday, even if it's just 5 minutes. Set aside a chance to sit, breathe, and just hear about each other's day.

16. Call them during the day. There's little I love more than spontaneous phone calls and "I just wanted to see how you're doing...". 

17. FaceTime each other while you both work on different projects. This is a quality time love language favourite of mine, although it definitely took me some getting used to. I love hopping on FaceTime while I make pins for the blog or clean my house or something. 

18. Make sure that they have time to themselves as well. If quality time is their love language, there's a good chance that they also benefit from some alone time, even if they don't always feel like they want it. Give your SO a chance to be alone, and make sure that they know you'll be there waiting for them after.

19. Get comfortable sitting in silence. Sometimes quality time is just existing together. Being there in the little moments. Offering words when they're there, and sitting in the silence when they're not. 

20. Cook dinner together. Finally, this is your challenge of the day: invite your partner to make dinner with you tonight, not as a chore but as an activity. Open a. bottle of wine if you're of age, or grab some Starbucks if you're not, and just enjoy each other. 

These quality time love language ideas are cheap, easy, and so fun. They're all tried and true, and simple enough to put on your schedule this week!

If your significant other's love language is quality time, send them this list and ask them to let you know what they think of it! Get some input and get inspired!

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