Stop Trying to Do Everything Right.


Stop trying to do everything right.

You won’t.

You will fall, 

and trip, 

and crash, 

and break, 

and burn.

There will be doors that slam in your face, 

doors that claim to hide palaces but lead only to closets with no exit, 

doors that are locked, 

and others that are too heavy to open by yourself.

There will be voices that tell you to stop,

to give up, lay down, and turn off the light.

“don’t bother trying,” they’ll tell you,

“these doors are not for you.”

& they are half right. Because those doors are not your destination. 

You were made for more.

You will run,

and rise,

and breathe,

and grow,

and learn.

You were never supposed to do everything right. 

Courage is forged from fire, greatness is born from failure, and healing comes from the cracks.

You are allowed to feel this. 

To take the smoke, the defeat, and the pain, and let yourself bleed. 

But don’t bleed forever. 

Let scars take their place, and wear them boldly. They are not marks of mistakes, shortcomings, or inadequacies. 

They are victories, lessons, and new beginnings. 

Stop trying to do everything right.

You won’t — and you’re not supposed to.

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