Ultimate List of Must-Watch Christmas Movies


Ultimate List of Must-Watch Christmas Movies |From forever classics like It’s a Wonderful Life to Jim Carrey’s Grinch, Christmas movies are inarguably the best category of cinema. You get your heartbreaks, your losses, your wins, your redemption stories, your underdogs, your falling-in-loves, all wrapped up in the satisfying sentimental theme of Christmas. This year, I decided to make a list of the Christmas Movies to watch on a yearly basis, the ones you just can’t miss. I’m not kidding when I say there’s almost every genre of movie on this list.

This is the ultimate list of Christmas Movies to watch, carefully thought out and crafted into four categories. Get ready and gear up, because Christmas is coming fast, and there’s no time to waste!

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Ultimate List of Must-Watch Christmas Movies

Sentimental Christmas Movies

Sentimental Christmas movies are the ones that take you right back to your childhood. Whether or not you grew up on them, they’re sure to awake the kid within you and get you just as excited for the holiday season as you were the night you stayed up to try and meet Santa.

1. The Grinch Who Stole Christmas

Carrey or cartoon? There is, in fact, a wrong answer to this question.

2. A Charlie Brown Christmas

Good grief.

3. The Flintstones Christmas

4. Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

I mean… a classic if there ever was one.

5. Frosty the Snowman

I have yet to make it through this one without crying. It gets me every freakin time.

6. Arthur Christmas

7. Miracle on 34th Street 

So much love for this sweet, sweet movie.

8. Prancer

Another tearjerker, but in the best way possible.

9. The Muppets Christmas Carol

All Time Classic Christmas Movies

The all time classic Christmas movies are the ones that never get old, the ones that you’ve seen probably a couple more times than you wanted to. But they’re just too good to ignore or give up.

10. Elf

Overplayed, yes. But incredible? Also yes. “For that special someone” never gets old.

11. The Polar Express

There’s some heated opinions on this movie, but if you ask me, Tom Hanks can do no wrong.

12. Christmas With the Kranks

Can you scream classic any louder?!

13. Die Hard


14. Home Alone

15. Home Alone 2

16. The Santa Clause

My first favourite Christmas movie — I’ve loved Tim Allen since Home Improvement, and this film series nails the heartwarming humour he does so well.

17. The Santa Clause 2 

Can’t beta #1, but still pretty great.

18. The Santa Clause 3

See above.

19. A Christmas Story

20. White Christmas

21. The Nightmare Before Christmas

The best part about this movie is that it doubles as a Halloween flick — so if perfectly timed, you can watch on October 31st and usher in the new November holiday season.

22. Lethal Weapon

23. Remember the Night

24. One Magic Christmas

25. Jack Frost

Must-Watch Comedy Christmas Movies

Holidays can be hard, so when the uninterrupted family time gets to be too much, these are the perfect Christmas movies to turn on. Hilarious and well done, they’re sure to leave you in a good mood, and remind you that things could, in fact, be worse!

26. Office Christmas Party 

27. Mixed Nuts

28. Happy Christmas

29. Jingle All The Way

30. Deck the Halls

Love & Stuff Christmas Movies

Ahh, yes. My favourite category. I’ve always had a soft spot for Hallmark, but now that Netflix has been releasing their own cheesy Christmas movies, there’s some serious competition.

31. The Christmas Prince

32. The Holiday

If it’s got John Krasinski, Kate Winslet, and Jack Black, it’s got my attention.

33. Last Christmas

34. The Princess Switch

I’ll be honest, I love cheese, but I actually could not make it through this movie. It was so bad. That said, I know many who love it, so I felt a responsibility to list and suggest for those of you who might.

35. The Knight Before Christmas

36. Every Hallmark Movie Ever

37. While You Were Sleeping

38. Love Actually

39. Four Christmases

40. The Shop Around the Corner

These 40 Christmas movies will last you the whole Christmas season and keep you entertained and your emotional needs met. Happy watching, Merry Christmas, and enjoy!

For more Christmas and Holiday content (including decor ideas, outfits, and recipes), click here or check out my Christmas board on Pinterest!

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