The Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2021


the ultimate

summer bucket list

to make 2021 the summer of your life


Looking for the ultimate summer bucket list?!

Raise your hand if you're FREAKING STOKED for Summer 2021! After a year of not being able to do much, see my people, or get out of the house - I am SO READY to make this the summer of a lifetime. With that in mind, I present to you: the ultimate summer bucket list.

Summer feels like the perfect time to make memories, and this summer bucketlist is basically your guide on how to do just that. It's even restriction-friendly, so if you're still in a pretty tight area, this will work for you. 

Summer is the best time to spend with the people you love, which is why everything on this summer 2021 bucket list is perfect for a day with your girls, guys, or whoever! I also created a list of over 50 free or cheap Summer date ideas, so make sure to check those out too!

Honestly, writing this has just made me so excited for the summer! I hope this post offers you as much inspiration as it has me, and gets you hyped and ready. Now let's just get into it! 

The Ultimate Summer Bucket List 2021

1. last minute camping trip

2. Sleep under the stars (as much as possible)

3. host an Outdoor movie night

4. spend the day at the lake


6. Have a campfire (s’mores, hot dogs, the whole deal)

7. Go on a road trip

8. Have a picnic in the middle of nowhere

9. Go surfing

10. attend an outdoor concert (restrictions willing)

11. go for some bike rides

12. Host a BBQ for your friends

13. Go on a girls/guys trip

14. get outside for a hike

15. explore somewhere you've never been before

16. Go wine tasting (if you're of legal age)

17. Visit a locally-owned coffee shop

18. Visit a locally-owned restaurant

19. Hike to a waterfall

20. go for a motorcycle ride

21. Make a new friend

22. Surprise your best friend or significant other by planning fun day-dates for the two of you

23. Watch Fireworks somewhere

24. go kayaking

25. Make a vision board for what you want to do in the next year

27. Plan a staycation 

28. Go berry picking 

29. Take a boat, helicopter, plane tour of the nearest big city

30. go see a movie at the drive-in

31. Play beach volleyball

32. Go bowling

33. Have a wine and paint night

34. have a spa day

35. Support a local business

36. Volunteer somewhere

37. Complete a random act of kindness

38. take a cooking class

39. Learn a new language

40. Take a one-second video everyday

41. Start a blog

42. keep a journal

43. Learn to skateboard

44. Learn to mix drinks (if you're of legal age)

45. come up with a signature cocktail (if you're of legal age - otherwise go mocktail!)

46. Try something new with your makeup (if you wear it!)

47. Build a capsule wardrobe

48. Encourage one person everyday

49. go motorcycle camping

50. Get a henna tattoo

51. Wear SPF everyday! 😉

52. Spend time on personal growth


54. Learn a new creative skill

55. Watch the sunset & the sunrise in the same day

Summer 2021 - we're ready for you. Wishing you the BEST, most exciting summer. Get outside, both literally and metaphorically (comfort zone? don't know her), and make this a year you'll never forget. Don't forget to save this bucket list and send it to your friends to get planning for the season!

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