30 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them


30 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them | A few months into dating my boyfriend, I was getting home one day after being out with friends. He’d told me he might be swinging by to pick up sunglasses he’d forgotten, but I thought I would miss him. When I walked in the door, he was standing inside with flowers, dinner on the table, and a bottle of wine.

It was a simple enough date night — but the surprise and planning of it meant the absolute world to me. Loving someone isn’t as simple as checking off certain boxes and always coming home on time. Even the big, romantic, actions are great, but they’re not enough to sustain a relationship.

These are little ways to show your significant other big things. They’re meaningful actions that will feel like love & demonstrate that you’re paying attention.

As you scroll through this post, either screenshot or write down things that stand out — OR, challenge yourself to do one of these things every week for the next 30 weeks. Just one. Pick a small action to demonstrate your feelings and encourage your SO.

Love isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be hard either.

30 Ways to Show Your Significant Other You Love Them

Send them something in the mail

A letter, love note, or surprise message or package!

Order food to their house

This is a low-budget and super easy way to remind them that you’re thinking of them. Have Skip or UberEats bring them their favourite drink or snack, or drop it off yourself.

Buy movie tickets for something they’ve been wanting to see

Pay attention to what your significant other cares about, and show them you love them by showing up in it.

Write them a note and slip into wallet, car, or somewhere they’ll find it

Little love notes — particularly if you’re dating a words of affirmation person — mean the WORLD. Write me a post it and I’ll love you forever, I swear.

Plan a weekend away (tell them you’re planning it, but don’t tell them any details!)

Complex surprises are hard to do effectively, so give your SO a heads up. But don’t tell them what’s happening. Give them an hour to pack, and head out for some quality one on one time.

Make dinner for you both

Set up a girls night/guys night for them with their buddies

As much as spending time together is an essential part of your relationship, you also might need some space. Planning a time for your SO to just have fun with their guys/girls is a great way to support them and show that you understand their needs.

Send them a sweet text after they go to sleep

Waking up to a sweet message is one of the best feelings in the world. Sending them a text to tell them something that you appreciate is a great way to love them.

Drop off their favourite coffee to work

Send them a song that reminds you of them

Plan a creative at-home date night

Step out of your comfort zone! Do something new and make an at-home evening feel like a night out.

Buy them a gift (even something super small!)

Call them just to tell them something you appreciate about them

Be specific in your affirmation of them

“I love you”, “you’re amazing”, etc. are all wonderful things to hear. But switch it up sometimes and tell them exactly why you feel that way. It’ll make your S/O feel seen, heard, and really loved.

Tell them something you’ve seen them grow in

Set up their favourite movie to watch together

Learn something about one of their interests (is there a sport your guy watches that you don’t really follow? Start paying attention!)

When we started dating, my boyfriend and I just agreed that I would watch F1 and cheer for McLaren, and he’d become a passionate Packers fan. It saved us from a lot of tension, and it’s been fun to be on the same team even in the little things.

Frame a picture of you two

Post a picture of them on social media

Depending on the person you’re dating, this may or may not feel like love — but it’s worth finding out & can be a great way to make them feel loved and appreciated.

Pick up their favourite candy bar when you’re grocery shopping

Communicate your plans

This is huge! Talk about your weekly schedule & keep your person in the loop. It feels special and respectful to include each other in making plans, even if you don’t “owe it” to them.

Ask for their opinion on big decisions

Make your own decisions — but if you’re dating, I’m gonna assume you value their input and thoughts. Asking their thoughts communicates that, and may get you some solid advice.

Wear their favourite colour

Listen to what they tell you — and check in with them about it

Talk about the future

You don’t have to have a ring on your finger to dream about the future. Talk about goals, plans, things you want to do together! Vacations you want to take, houses you’d love to build.. it doesn’t have to be intense or serious. Have fun dreaming things up.

Slip a gift card for their favourite coffee shop into their wallet

Send them flowers

Make a bucket list of things you want to do together

Make a playlist for them

These 30 ways to show your significant other you love them are so easy, fun, and will make them fall in love with you all over again. Grand gestures are great and all, but it’s the little things that keep love alive, passionate, and deep. Use this post as a guideline, and try to do one of these things every week for your significant other.

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