5 Best Podcasts for Anyone in Their 20s


5 Best Podcasts for Anyone in Their 20s

From current events to spiritual encouragement, I’ve got you covered.

One of my favourite perks of the digital age is the gift that is the podcast. I grew up loving audiobooks, so the format has always felt comfortable. Now that I have a much busier schedule, I particularly love having high-quality content available to listen to while I’m running errands or cleaning the house.

A huge focus in my journey to live intentionally has been to review what I’m a consumer of and prioritize content with substance. In a creative world filled with cheap jokes and quick sells, that can be hard to find. I’m happy to tell you I’m pretty proud of this list.

I strive to both create and consume content that is educational, original, and that offers something worthwhile to the world. Whether it’s a comedy show, a devotional, or a lesson on budgeting, I try to check off all those boxes for what I listen to.

These podcasts are perfect for anyone in their 20s—whether you’re a true crime nut (guilty… dad pun intended), history nerd, entrepreneur, or just want to stay informed on world events.

After a year or two of searching, listening, and narrowing down the podcasts that contribute to my life, I’ve developed this list: the 5 Best Podcasts for anyone in their 20s!

The 5 Best Podcasts for Anyone in Their 20s

1. The Daily

From the New York Times comes The Daily, a compact & essential update on the world. It’s short and sweet, usually 20-40 minutes, and focuses on a breaking story or update. Featuring interviews from both journalists and citizens, The Daily is the perfect news podcast for a busy millennial. It takes up less time than the average commute and keeps you at least minimally informed.

Listen here on iTunes and Spotify.

2. Twenty Something podcast

My personal go-to, the Twenty Something podcast is exactly what it sounds like: covering finances, relationships, housing, college & climate change, it perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of being a Twentysomething in 2020. It’s also just a fun listen! Angela and Eman, the hosts, present a well-rounded perspective on the challenges they discuss. They bring personal experiences, guest experts, and well-researched information, making it a balanced and enjoyable podcast.

Listen here on iTunes and Spotify.

3. The Piketon Massacre (iHeart Radio)

If you’re interested in true crime, I can’t recommend this one enough. IHeart Radio has done a few different crime podcasts that are all fantastic, but this one has been my obsession recently. It follows the murder of the Rhoden family in Piketon, Ohio, in 2016, and I am not kidding when I tell you that I’ve been checking for a new episode almost every day.

I’m always looking for more true crime podcasts, so if you have any reccs, hit a girl up!

Listen here on iTunes and Spotify.

4. Whoa, That’s Good!

One of my all-time favourites! This is a go-to any day I wake up in a bad mood, because it’s knocked me out of it every time. The Whoa, That’s Good podcast hosted by Sadie Robertson (Duck Dynasty, Dancing with the Stars) is both practical and entertaining. The cast includes guests such as olympian Nastia Liukin, former Bachelor star Ben Higgins, country singer Luke Bryan, and actress Chrissy Metz (This is Us) — and they’re all sharing the best advice they’ve ever been given. This podcast is definitely a resource applicable to everyone at any point in their lives.

Listen here on iTunes and Spotify.

5. Bridgetown Church

Favourite favourite favourite. Bridgetown Church, located in Portland, Oregon, began series called “The Bridgetown Daily”. There’s dozens of 5-10 minute long episodes focusing on a scripture, Biblical lesson, or important practice. I actually added this into my morning routine, and I’ve started everyday with listening to one of these. Each one is encouraging, grounding, and filled with quality spiritual guidance.

Additionally, this podcast has the Sunday sermons from Bridgetown, which I also can’t recommend enough. Aside from the church I attend, this is the only church whose teachings I consistently try not to miss.

Listen here on iTunes and Spotify.

These 5 Podcasts may not get your life together for you, but they’re guaranteed to offer relevant, encouraging, and entertaining information. If you’re looking to consume content with substance, this is a great place to start!

What are your favourite podcasts? Leave a comment & let me know!

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