Etsy Fall Decor Finds 2020


I’m a sucker for home decor all year round, but there’s something about the coziness of Fall that just can’t be beat. Candles, blankets, and cute pillows just GET ME. Fall home decor just feels like curling up with a good book, you know?

But as much as I love filling my apartment with all things warm and seasonal, I also love intentionality. Decorating, while fun, isn’t worth spending insane amounts of money on products that will only end up cluttering my home. Which is why all my Fall 2020 Decor Finds are from Etsy. Etsy is a collection of individuals who make their own products and run small businesses through the website.

Not only that, but everything I’m drooling over this year are:

  • either small items that will add a great decorative touch without taking up too much space, And/Or
  • versatile pieces that give a Fall feel to the room, but can be used year-round

Every one of these decor pieces is super cute, cozy, and affordable. If you’re looking for last-minute additions to warm up your home, you’ve come to the right place – scroll through to read & check out the Shop the Post feature at the end for easy access to all of these items!

This post may contain affiliate links. I am not sponsored by Etsy, but may receive a small commission should you choose to purchase through any of these links.

Fall Decor Pillow Covers

Pillow covers are a great alternative to owning an overflow of decorative pillows. You can pick up inserts at IKEA, Amazon, or Walmart, and buy or decorate your own pillow covers. Not only is it cheaper, but it takes up much less storage, and gives you tons of flexibility.

These 3 Pillow Covers on Etsy are affordable, minimal in design (but still eye-catching!) and will make a great addition to your Fall Decor, no matter what your style is.

Hey there, Pumpkin Pillow Cover | This simple design offers a flirty & cute invitation and is available in multiple colours to give you tons of flexibility!

Rustic Neutral Farm Fresh Pumpkins Pillow Cover | I love the rustic feel of this one! It’s neutral tones mean that you can use it anywhere in your house to just warm it up a little and give it an Autumn vibe.

Set of 4 Cozy Fall-Themed Pillow Covers | Talk about a great deal — this set of 4 Fall Themed Pillow Covers is so affordable + gives you tons of options! Spread them around your house to create decor consistency, or keep them all together for an over-the-top cozy space.

Fall Decor Items

These Etsy Fall Decor items are very unique (a huge perk to shopping Etsy), sweet pieces that again will help you create your Fall Decor heaven without making a room too loud.

The pumpkin garland is so fun and would be great in an entryway space, and the custom pumpkins would look so cute right outside your door! Add these items to various places around your house to give it a stunning completed look.

Unique & Super Cute (also affordable) Fabric Pumpkins | You could also DIY this one quite easily!

Custom Painted White Foam Pumpkin | 100% ordering this, I’m in love with this one!

Felt Pumpkin Garland | This piece is super unique & would look great on an empty wall.

Fall Wall Art Prints

I love Art Prints. Etsy has a great selection of beautiful art that’s affordable (no shipping costs!) and completely customizable. You can pick the size, paper, and frame for each piece. I fell in love with these three and the warmth they bring into the room while each carrying a unique style.

Wildflower Wall Art Print | Minimal design, beautiful autumn colours, perfectly understated piece.

Classic Hand Drawn Pumpkin & Gourd Wall Art Print| Cozy vibes and perfect for a gallery wall!

Halloween Apothecary Shelf Wall Art Print | This could 100% be used year round – it’s a unique & funky image with beautiful colours.

Fall Candles

I mean, it wouldn’t be Fall without candles, amiright? Rather than just shop the sales at Bath and Body Works, try opting to purchase handmade, small-business-owned, adorable Fall candles. These items are so cute, smell AMAZING, and will finish off any room in your house.

Autumn Spice Scented Soy Candle | Not only is the packaging adorable, but helloooo, Autumn Spice scented? Yes please.

Perfect Autumn Day Beeswax Candle | This candle has no added colouring, and the scent is described as “lemon, apple, anise, cinnamon, ginger, and vanilla, tied together with a base of fresh fall woods”. If that doesn’t sound like something you want in your house, I don’t know what does.

Log Candles | These candles are placed inside log candle holders and they’re the coziest things I’ve ever seen.

There you have it – all the best Etsy Fall Decor Finds for 2020! Each of these items is warm, beautiful, and has character. Not to mention, every Etsy purchase supports creative individuals who make a living through their creations. Get cozy, be an intentional consumer, and have the best Fall ever!


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