DIY Thanksgiving Decorations (+ 10 Free Wall Art Prints!)


Unpopular opinion: Thanksgiving is one of my favourite holidays. Sure, it’s cheesy, and uninterrupted family time can be.. well, interesting. But gathering together to enjoy a meal and refocus your minds on being grateful is something that’s so beautiful. And any beautiful holiday with a beautiful feast deserves some really cute Thanksgiving decorations.

Thanksgiving decorations can range from kitschy-dollar store to monochromatic, stunning Anthropologie Style pieces (if I had an extra couple grand to drop…). There’s different decoration styles, techniques, and colour schemes. But personally, I’m a huge fan of DIY options.

Not only are they more affordable, but you can really customize things to look exactly how you want. It’s a lot easier to make sure it all fits in with your house, style, and personality!

One of my favourite DIY options is getting digital art prints online! There’s SO many options that it’s not hard to find something you love, and you can swap them out for each season without needing a lot of storage space or cluttering up your home!

This year, I decided to make my OWN digital prints to decorate with — and I’m giving them to you for free! These will be warming up my home this Fall, and I’d love it if they could do the same for you! They’re so cute & fun, and there’s a few different options to make sure you can find something to work with your colour and decor scheme!

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DIY Thanksgiving Decorations

Thanksgiving Prints

I’m SO excited to share these prints with you! There’s options for cute Fall quotes, images, and encouragement to focus on what this holiday is really about. Once you’ve downloaded these prints & selected the ones you want, you can either print them at home, or send them to Staples or Office Depot for high-quality copies to put in a frame of your choice!

Cute Pumpkins for CHEAP

Walk into any dollar store this fall, and I guarantee you’ll be colour bombed by a swarm of orange, green, and yellow. While I love warm colours, it can be a BIT much sometimes, and I prefer softer shades for my home.

Picking up a bunch of those little pumpkins, gourds, and squashes cost me all of $8, and when I brought them home, I busted out some paints — and TRANSFORMED them easily to some much cuter options. Personally, I opted for shades of white, cream, and sage green — but you can customize this to your own colour palette quite easily!

Fall Wreath

Okay, so this one’s not ENTIRELY a DIY, but it is really easy! I was at Michaels a few weeks ago, and found their Fall Wreath section. It ranges from approximately $15-$50 for a wreath base (my favourite was only $20), and from there, you can entirely personalize the decoration. The store also usually has 40% coupons available, making them even cheaper.

You can purchase pre-made pieces from Michaels, or make your own! Other online stores, dollar stores, or craft shops will sell tons of options that you can use to fill your wreath. Not only is it a classic decoration, but it’s ENTIRELY up to you how you want the finished item to look.

These DIY Thanksgiving Decorations are guaranteed to cozy up your house, whether you’re hosting a family dinner or just want to get in the mood. Super cute, affordable, and hard not to love.

Leave a comment if you try any of these DIYS, and let me know what you think! I’d love to see your creations!

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