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It’s here & it’s official! I’ve launched an email list — and you’re invited. This is a HUGE step for the blog. If you want to never miss a blog post, stay in the know and receive biweekly messages of encouragement, THIS is for you!

Twice a month, you’ll get an email from me with a note of encouragement, blog posts you might have missed, and products I’m loving right now. This will also feature a “Words I Love” section. All too often I run across quotes, teachings, or phrases that have a huge impact on me. Some of them become blog posts, some disappear into the abyss of notes on my phone, and some get shared in conversation with friends.

But now, they all have a home. Words that change my life, teach me, and help me can do the same for you.

I’m so excited to get to know you all a little more. I’ll be sharing more in-depth stories & anecdotes from everyday life.

If you’re a reader (or want to be), drop your email address below — can’t wait to hear from you!


You should get an email right away with the subject line: “You’re on the list”, but if by some chance it goes to spam, there’s an easy fix! Just add the email to your contacts, and your next message will come straight to your inbox.

Talk soon!


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