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Winter Date Ideas These date nights are cozy, romantic and the perfect way to enjoy the colder seasons with your significant other! 

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1. Plan a cozy movie marathon

Quality time is what you make it - and even a movie night can become the winter date of your dreams. Grab your favourite snacks, get some pizzas to throw in the oven, build a cozy fort and spend a Saturday (or an evening) doing a movie marathon. Highly recommend the Harry Potter series or playing Hallmark movie bingo.

2. visit a pumpkin patch

A pumpkin patch is the perfect late Fall/early Winter date - celebrate the transition & changing of seasons with a cute walk around outside and the perfect photo op.

3. go to the spa

We went to the spa for the first time last winter, and honestly, it was the BEST time of year to go. The hot tubs in the cold weather is such a nice combo, and it was the perfect way to relax. We're going again this year for New Years and I am so excited. 

4. visit a christmas market

Grab a hot chocolate or a hot apple cider and head to a local Christmas market. Shop local artisans, pick out an ornament, and fall in love under the mistletoe.

5. go ice skating

Ice skating is probably the ultimate winter date idea - it's where Hallmark meets real life, although probably with more slipping.  

6. spend the evening at the art gallery

I'll be honest, I'm not really an "art person" - but it's always fun to walk around the exhibits and just take in the experience. Our local gallery has free nights every Thursday, which provides a great opportunity to get dressed up without spending any money.

7. read a book together
8. go indoor go-karting

Not usually a cheap date night, but always fun - although dangerous for the more competitive couples ????

9. host friendsgiving

Hosting together can be such a fun experience. Try new recipes, invite your friends over, and be the ultimate friendsgiving hosts together ????

10. go skiing or snowboarding

For some, this is a day of hitting the slopes, and for others, it's a day of falling on your butt and sipping hot chocolate - honestly, both make for great memories.

11. decorate for christmas
12. set goals for the new year together

There is no better feeling than becoming the best version of yourself alongside of your favourite person. Setting goals together is the perfect winter date night - light some candles, grab a bottle of wine or sparkling juice and align your vision for the next year.

13. have a youtube paint night

Grab some dollar store canvasses & find a YouTube paint tutorial for an affordable & creative date night in ???? light some candles, put on background music, and let your creative side take over.

14. find a volunteer opportunity to do together

'Tis the season of giving - and you can learn a lot about your partner by how they serve other people. Research ways to contribute to your community and find a spot to show up together. 

15. play the "target challenge"

Head to Target (or Dollar Tree, Walmart or Superstore) and buy a list of items for the other person based on an agreed-upon set of parameters. For example -

  •  my favourite snack
  • something that's my favourite colour
  • my favourite drink
  • something I can use everyday

You can of course customize this to whatever you want (and set a budget if you want)!

16. have a diy night

Bring out your crafty side and find a project to work on together! Refinish a Marketplace find, make a dried orange Christmas garland, or whatever works for you!

17. bake christmas cookies & drop them off to friends or neighbours
18. have a winter picnic

Pack a thermos of hot cocoa, some blankets, and enjoy a picnic in a snowy park.

19. go snowshoeing

Rent or borrow snowshoes and get out of the house for an afternoon (or go out in the evening for a starlit adventure.)

20. christmas lights tour

One of my favourite festive opportunities for a winter date night - find a drive or walk-through Christmas lights tour! This is a great option for a first date in the winter as well. 

21. sleigh ride

If a sleigh ride is available in your area - do not sleep on this romantic way to spend time with your s/o. 

22. cider tasting

Wine or beer tasting is also a great option, but cider is particularly festive and feels like such a cozy and fun way to celebrate the season together!

23. go to an escape room

Escape rooms are great year-round, but when the weather outside is frightful, they're a great way to beat the cold and still get out of the house.

24. build a snowman

Bring out your inner kid and build a snowman. 

25. make gingerbread houses
26. book a winter getaway

If you have the budget, find a cozy cabin or tiny house in the woods and book a romantic winter getaway. 

27. take a cooking class

Virtual or in-person, take a cooking class together and learn how to make a classic winter comfort food dish

28. take up puzzling
29. make your own christmas cards
30. go to a hockey game

I've lived in Canada almost my entire life, but went to my first ever NHL game last winter - and despite not being a huge hockey fan, I had an absolute blast. There's something so fun about being in a crowd of people who care (even if you don't really know what's happening). I'm absolutely a bandwagoner in the stands, but it's so fun I can't help it!

30. candlelit dinner at home

Simple, cozy, and endlessly romantic - have a candlelit dinner at home, talk about your dreams, and just enjoy each others' company.

I hope this post on winter date ideas was helpful and inspiring! These winter date ideas are romantic, fun, and perfect for a cozy season. 


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