4 Life Changing Hacks to Wake Up Early in the Morning


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How to Wake Up Early in the Morning | I have a love/hate relationship with sleeping in. A few extra hours is always a good feeling, but being largely self-employed means that all those hours count. If I’m sleeping, I’m not working. In order to create a healthy work-life balance, every minute counts.

Waking up early gives me more time, not just for work, but to actually wake up, get ready, and avoid feeling rushed and crowded in the first part of my day. Taking my time usually results in a better start, mood, and more productive day. You don’t have to get up at 4am to be successful (I don’t), but starting your day off on a strong note is important.

I like to give myself room to eat breakfast, get dressed, do hair & makeup, and make sure to have some coffee in me before actually sitting down to start my day. It’s a simple routine, but the mental shift it creates is honestly astounding.

Whether you’re feeling overwhelmed, looking to get more done , or just trying to make the most of your time, waking up earlier is a simple and effective way to get started.

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning

Start waking up earlier gradually

One of the top reasons people give up on their goals is that they’re not realistic. You’re not gonna go from zero-100 overnight. It’s okay. Start waking up earlier in 15 or 30 minute increments, giving yourself a few days between each jump to readjust. Your brain and body both need to adapt to the new time. Going too far too fast will just lead to

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Give yourself some incentive to wake up

Starting my day is not a compelling enough reason for me to get out of bed at 6am. It’s just not. But a hot cup of coffee is. Creating even the simplest morning routine can help you give yourself some incentive. Getting out of bed doesn’t have to be a nightmarish process.

For Christmas, my boyfriend got me a coffee maker with a timer built in, so I can pre-schedule my morning coffee, and while it makes me sound incredibly lazy — it’s actually helped me get motivated. If I know it’s waiting for me, you better believe I’m eager and excited to get up and get some.

how to wake up early, ways to wake up early, waking up early hacks, start waking up early, benefits of waking up early

Put your phone in the other room

Stop using your phone as an alarm clock. Scrolling in bed is a dangerous habit — it’s probably the most detrimental to a successful and productive morning routine. Smartphones are designed to be addictive (watch this crazy eye-opening video from Vox). Everything about them is meant to suck you in and not let go. Buy an alarm clock and try charging your phone in another room overnight.

It’s a weird adjustment, but getting up without checking your phone is a really healthy habit to develop. Aside from getting up in the morning, social media often does more harm than good to your mental health. It’s not without its benefits, but starting your day with it regularly probably isn’t a good plan.

Get something done first

Start your day by checking something off of your to-do list. For me, this is making my bed. The small act of pulling up the covers and throwing on a couple pillows creates a sense of accomplishment. It’s a good feeling, and gets me motivated to keep up the momentum. It’s a compelling trend for the day.

You shouldn’t feel exhausted before you’ve even begun your day. Waking up earlier will help you feel more accomplished, put together, and successful. It’s a simple change, but carrying that attitude with you can have a huge impact on your overall day.

No one becomes successful accidentally. Achieving your goals comes through hard work, planning ahead, and choosing to put the time in. Help yourself out. Build a morning routine that doesn’t just get you up, but gets you ready for everything coming your way.

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